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10 + 10 = 25?

December 3, 2008

<Unemployed> had their first ‘official’ Naxxramas raid last night.  I obviously didn’t go, since I’m not near 80 yet and I was out seeing Quantum of Solace, so I missed the action and how it went.  But seeing the roster of who had signed up to raid on Tuesday and who actually went has brought up some concerns I’ve had.

There were about 16-17 level 80 characters signed up with hopes of raiding with the guild last night.  This is understandable, since just a couple of months ago, we were having 25+ people sign up for raiding regularly, and we’ve gotten several new recruits since our BC raiding days.

But Naxx is only a 10 man raid.  Which means once our 25 raiders get to 80, only 10 of them will be getting to raid each night.  We could possibly build a second group if we have proper class balance, but even then, that means at least 5 people are being left out each raid night.  And I think there is a limit to how often people would like to be told to go run heroics instead, since eventually that’s not what they’ll be wanting to sign up for.

One of the things I have been most excited about is getting into the new raids and being present for some more guild first, feeling like I’m part of a team who works together 3 days a week.  Although I’m not a raid leader and I don’t really get to hear about the decisions the leaders make about who gets to go, these are the only possibilities I can see coming to pass:

  1. We run 2 groups, 1 of the ‘top geared heavy hitters’ and 1 of the people who took too long to get to 80.
  2. We swap around groups, alternating which people are in which group, thus causing problems coordinating people and strategies since there are no solid teams, and leaving people disappointed for being benched at the last minute.
  3. Raid nights get split up, and we have two groups running different days, so those with multiple 80s can get in on the action every day of the week, and people don’t have to deal with being benched when they are sitting there waiting for invites at raid time.

I can’t really say which option I think is the best.  They all have pretty big downsides, and I do not look forward to any drama to come.

I understand that the guild wants to do what’s best for the guild as a whole, and that a lot of people are focused on progressing as quickly as possible.  Which means, since it is taking me a couple more weeks than everyone else to get to 80, I may not get much chance of raiding with the people I want to, or with the frequency I’d like.  It’s likely I’ll be the 5th hunter in <Unemployed> to reach level 80, which makes my prospects of getting into a 10 man raid pretty grim.  But my concern is not just for myself, I don’t want any of our raiders feeling left out.

I’d like to say, I do not regret my decision to take things slow in Wrath.  I’m really enjoying each level and the experiences I’m gaining through them.  I’m glad I focused on school when it was necessary, and spending my weekends with my dear Dwarf Hunter are much more important than rushing to 80.  I just hope my decision doesn’t cost me in the end.

I can’t be the only person who is flummoxed by the math here.  I’m sure there are other guilds who had 25 raiders who are returning and looking for more of the same intense progression and action.  It’s a tough decision, and I do not envy any raid leaders who have to make it.  How do you take 25+ people and stick them into a raid that only fits 10 (or possibly 20)?

Brajana – Level 78 Troll Hunter

  • Skinning: 450
  • Leatherworking: 424
  • First Aid: 418
  • Fishing: 392
  • Cooking: 400

I’m a rock star!

October 28, 2008

Last night, we killed the new temporary boss in Karazhan. Boostah had run Kara earlier in the week, before the boss was installed, and so he had a raid saved with only the new boss left, no trash or anything.  Woo!   So a bunch of us pilled in, looking to get the new pet and such.

Well, of course he dropped the [Arcanite Ripper]… I hadn’t really looked at it before, but I had heard about the sweet Use ability… turns you into Bergrisst of L70ETC.  It’s actually a really amazing hunter weapon as well.  So Boostah, the ret paly (?) and I rolled on it… Woo!  I won!  I felt a bit bad, since it was Boostah’s raid and he had organized everything… but come on, I have been switching between [Hellscream’s Will] and [Blackened Spear] since shortly after I hit 70, over a year and a half ago.  It is time for me to get rid of my last blue quality item!

Unfortunately, it does bring me 7 below the hit cap.  I will probably have to shove a hit gem somewhere in my gear to make up for it, if I find that 7 hit rating is making a significant difference.  I think that’s only like, 0.05%, so if it means I’ll be missing only that much on raid bosses, I can probably live with it.  If anyone knows the math better (I’m too lazy to look it up) please correct me!

Oh, and the funny thing… back when I was using [Hellscream’s Will] all the time, I always joked about how it looked like an electric guitar strapped to my back, and I always wanted to swing it around and play it… well, now I can!


This Week in Raiding… Unemployed officially enters T6!

September 6, 2008

Tuesday, some Lurker and Leo action.  Not much excitement there, I just want to say that Leo doesn’t seem to drop the Hunter/Warlock/Mage set piece ever!  We had enough time to spare afterwards to head in and take a look at Vashj though!

It’s a pretty complicated fight, and while I have read up on it and tried my best to listen to the raid leader explain our strategy – it’s always so different to be right in on the action.  And in fact, for me it was more like watching a video… because I was the first to get the static charge, and also the first to die from it.  I think the problem was that when the people around me realized that I had the charge, they also ran away, as I did.  So we ran together for a little while, which in turn meant I needed to run even further and I think it put me out of the healer’s range.  Oh well, it was a good place to observe the rest of the attempt!  And we managed to get her down to 69% on our first attempt… not too shabby!

Wednesday night was more of Vashj.  I wasn’t there, but it looks like a lot of learning took place… and there may have been problems with the changes in the fight at 50%, because it looks like that’s about how far the raid could get her.  Instead, I was out enjoying a fabulous meal at Lago, a belated birthday dinner.  I had a Butternut Squash Ravioli, and it was amazing.  I could eat that everyday.  It was really rich and tasted very buttery, but it was amazing.  I finished it off with a great Root Beer Float with Caramel Tequila ice cream in it… mmmm!

Er, I mean… raiding!  RIGHT!

So, Thursday night we took another stab at some progression and headed into Hyjal.  We didn’t have any serious problems on the trash – actually, it went a lot faster than it had before.  We are really getting the hang of it!  Though I’m sure having 4 warlocks and 2 mages to AoE the trash really DOES help a lot. Our first attempt at Rage Winterchill of the night we didn’t quite get him down.  If I remember correctly, we just had too many loses to icebolts and death & decay.

Second attempt we decided to drag Rage over to Jaina, which we had been reluctant to do before.  From about 25% to 4%, the only people we had alive were 3 DPS (myself included), one tank and one healer, plus the NPCs.  It was amazing how long we lasted… but it wasn’t long enough.

But… third time’s a charm!  It went pretty smoothly the last time, and I noticed that the healers really got their macros working to get a heal on the icebolt target, we hardly lost any to it.  Unfortunately, I died do to a small peccadillo – running into the Death and Decay rather than running out of it… but we still managed to get him down!

It really IS a pretty straight forward fight, now that I think about it.

He dropped 2 pairs of leather bracers, DPS and healing.  I thought about rolling on the DPS ones, but I figured there would be someone who needed it more, and I’ll just wait til something more appropriate for me drops!

Oh, and Friday night was ZA, which I wasn’t scheduled for.  But about 2 hours into the raid, I got a whisper asking if I wanted to go heal for a couple bosses on Ferguson!  Whaaaa?  I was a little nervous, because I’ve only raid healed once, and I’ve only been to ZA about 3 times on Brajana, never on Ferg.  But what the heck, it was worth a try!  We went in and got Dragonhawk down and made a couple attempts at the Lynx boss (which I’d never seen before).  It was fun, I should go to ZA more often.

And the best part?  I got my very first [Amani Hex Stick], never had one before… and what happened on my first try?  [Mojo]!  That’s what happened! 😀


A Hunter in Karazhan: What’s in it for me?

September 5, 2008

As a follow up to my guide about gearing for Karazhan… this is a guide to how you can replace almost all of those items.  This is the gear that you were gearing up to get.

I’m only going to cover mail armour here, but don’t be afraid to take a good look at the leather pieces available.  Of course, they should go to a leather wearing class first, but if it’s an upgrade, having a few leather pieces doesn’t really hurt on a hunter!

Attumen The Huntsman

  • [Steelhawk Crossbow] – It’s time to replace your Valanos’ Longbow… this is a great BM weapon, and will hold you over well until you can get your hands on the Chocobow.
  • [Worgen Claw Necklace] – This neck piece is great, and has a nice +hit bonus if you’re still not capped.  I had this until I got the rep up for the SSO necklace.
  • [Stalker’s War Bands]


  • Nothing to see here – move along, move along!

Maiden of Virtue

Opera Event

  • [Beastmaw Pauldrons] – The best shoulders for this point in the game, pick them up if get the chance!
  • [Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle] (BIg Bad Wolf) – This can be considered a side-grade to the Steelhawk Crossbow, it’s a little bit faster and has a nice agility bonus, but you’ll lose the hit rating.  Great for Survival hunters.
  • [Legacy] (Wizard of Oz) – Every hunter’s best friend and worst enemy.  It’s got a horrible drop rate, but if you get it, you’re likely to not get rid of it until Wrath hits. 🙂  No hit bonus, so if you’re using a weapon for it’s hit rating, you’ll have to try to make it up elsewhere.. but it’s worth it.
  • [Romulo’s Poison Vial] (Romulo and Julianne) – Really nice trinket, especially for the hit rating bonus.  But it might be more useful for a rogue or other dual wielding class.  Still, if you get the chance – pick one of them up!


Shade of Aran

Terestian Illhoof

  • [Girdle of the Prowler] – Pretty good, good to pick up even if you have the Ebon Netherscale set, for when you have enough hit to break the set bonus.

Chess Event

  • [Fiend Slayer Boots] – These are great, you’ll probably hold on to them til Solarian or her trash drops boots for you.


  • [Rip-Flayer Leggings] – Finally, you can replace those green/blue pants I’m sure you’re sick of looking at!  Very nice pants, although not as nice as the T4 leggings from Gruul’s Lair.  Hopefully you won’t make the peccadillo of gemming and enchanting them all up and then replacing them with the T4 leggings within 24 hours like I did when they finally dropped 😛


  • [Ferocious Swift-kickers] – Another pair of boots worth picking up in Karazhan, although depending on whether you need hit or would rather get some mp5 and int, these may or may not be the boots you want.
  • [Scaled Breastplate of Carnage] – The only real hunter chest piece in all of Karazhan.

Prince Malchezaar

  • [Helm of the Fallen Hero] – T4 helm.  It’s good, but I recently replaced mine with the PvP helm, which you might want to look into.  The T4 set bonuses suck, so don’t worry about trying to get them.
  • [Ring of a Thousand Marks] – The second really nice ring in Karazhan.  It’s really nice.
  • [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix] – Third ranged weapon drop in Karazhan!  That’s a lot.  This weapon is slower, but has a really nice agility bonus.  Again, good for Survival or Marksmanship, not so much for Beast Mastery, but you can still pick it up, it has better damage than the Steelhawk Crossbow anyway!

Trash Drops


Why I Love the Solarian Encounter

September 1, 2008

The mage who thinks she's a warlock.

Recently, we took down High Astromancer Solarian, which we hadn’t done in quite some time.  And while we were doing it, I realized that I really do love that fight!  But why?

It gives me this feeling – the feeling you get when you are sitting on the edge of your seat hearing lottery numbers being called out.  Will I be the bomb?  Will <insert raid member> make it out in time?  Oooo, suspense!

There is such an excitement to this fight, and it comes from the fact that no matter how well it is going, just one peccadillo and it could all be over instantly.

I even like the fact that you know exactly whose fault it is.  Not that we really point fingers, but that makes everyone so much more aware of what they are doing, because you just can’t hide it if you screw this one up.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets that feeling when doing this fight, at least for the first few times there… you see those flashing charges eminating from somewhere within the DPS ‘pile’ your breath stops –

They aren’t moving – should you move to avoid them?  No, they might go the same way.  Why aren’t they moving?!  They’re going to wipe the raid!  But it was going so well!

But wait… it’s a paladin.  He bubbled out just in time!  *phew!*

And I think the cruelest part of the whole bomb experience is that when you blow up the raid, you yourself don’t get blown up.  You just float gently to the ground as everyone around you takes the fall (pun intended).  You just stand there, surrounded by the bodiesof your raid, who are slightly irked to very irrate (depending on how many wipes that makes it).

What fun! 😀


Hunter: Gearing for Karazhan (on a budget!)

August 29, 2008

On his post about a post about my apparently pugnacious post, Big Bear Butt Blogger happened to mention an unrelated point that he was looking for a good resource for hunters who are looking for badge/Kara/Heroic level gear.  While I really enjoy the Gearing for Karazhan guides that WoW Insider has provided, and of course BRK has written a nice guide there for Hunters… but it seems that the majority of the items there are BoE Auction House purchases.

I had a different stragegy.  When I hit 70, I didn’t run to the AH to buy myself some sweet gear.  Why not?  Well, first of all, I’m a bit of a penny pincher. I rarely buy things on the Auction House, I’d much rather grind mats and badges and instances to get drops or crafted items. Second of all, when I hit 70, I was automatically in “saving for my epic flyer” mode.  The first time I saw someone zoom past me on a Netherwing mount, I was determined to be just like them!  I don’t have a problem with people gearing up using the AH, I mean, that’s what it is there for.  But I thought I’d give a few additional pointers for other sources!

First of all, if you are a leatherworker it is time for you to start rounding up some mats for an [Netherscale Armor] set.  Between the Bracers, Belt and Breastplate, you’ll net yourself a nice +20 hit rating.  Your first goal as a newly 70 hunter is to achieve the hit cap, attack power, agility and crit will come along in time, but hit rating is really important to work at, and has a set maximum to get to.  These three pieces of BoP leatherworking pieces lasted me straight through until the later part of T5, and I’m still wearing the chest.

If you aren’t a leatherworker, then your best bet is to find one and have them craft up a [Felstalker Armor] set.  This set also the same +20 hit bonus, but the stats are a little less in areas like Stamina (which is pretty important for a new raider).

For a weapon, I can’t recommend the [Hellscream’s Will] more.  Do a bit of rep grind for Mag’har and this beauty is yours, and you can even get a pretty mount at the same time!  I have grown to hate it, only because this electric guitar had been strapped to my back for a full year before I finally got a replacement.  The hit rating on this is godly (+42!), and will make it a tough one to get rid of.  If somehow hit rating isn’t an issue for you, two other great weapons are the [Sonic Spear], which drops from Murmur in regular Shadow Labyrinth (but refused to drop for me) and also the [Blackened Spear] (what I’m using now) from Thrallmar rep (Revered), which has more agility and less +hit.

For a ranged weapon, [Valanos’ Longbow] is probably your best bet for a bow.  If you are of the Gun Lovin’ variety though, I’d have to say you may want to spend the time and/or money to grab a [Ornate Khorium Riffle].  But if you happen to pick up a [Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54], from Steamvaults (you’ll probably be running this to rep up for your Glyph), it’s nothing to scoff at either.  In fact, this has got to be one of my favourite looking weapons in the game!  +10 points for aesthetic!

One trinket that I sure hope you held on to is the [Bladefist’s Breadth].  A quest reward from a level 63 quest on a 70?  You bet!  This is a great AP boost trinket, and there aren’t many you can replace it with.  Another trinket that I might recommend as your very first badge purchase is the [Bloodlust Brooch] (41 Badges).  And be sure to use it whenever you can, it’s a handy boost that really will make a difference.

The best ring I can point you to is [Angelista’s Revenge] – but it’s a bit pricey at 60 badges, so I’m sure you’ll want something to hold you over until then.  Some options are the [Ravenclaw Band] from Sethekk Halls, and the [Ring of Umbral Doom] from Botanica (both available on regular).

The boots I wore for the longest time, in fact I believe they were my last remaining greens – were the [Duro Footgear].  These are from a Netherstorm quest and they’re really decent.  Of course, if you happen to get [Boots of the Endless Hunt] to drop from Warp Splinter (Bot Heroic)… good for you, hope he also drops the neck piece [Jagged Bark Pendant] as well, so you can fill two slots with one kill! 🙂  But be prepared to stick with the green ones, as there isn’t a whole lot in between.

What am I missing… ah, head gear.  [Dream-Wing Helm].  This lasted me through til I got my scary-looking drop from Shade of Aran.  You can pick this one up off of Abmassador Hellmaw in Shadow Labyrinth! Edit: Rilgon Arcsinh was nice enough to point out that one of the best helms you can get is the [Surstrike Goggles 2.0], which only Engineers can use.  So if Engy’s your thing… get on it!

For gloves, your best bet is [Handguards of the Steady] from heroic Mech.

Oh and if you didn’t pick up Bloodlust Brooch as your first badge loot, you’ll want to grab [Blood Knight War Cloak] for your back, in fact I’m still using this… and also for your neck, [Choker of Vile Intent].  These are both great pieces, and at only 25 badges each, they’re a steal!  Grab ’em up!

And if you are lucky on drops and such, the Desolation Armor (Dungeon 3 set) and the Beast Lord Armor set have some nice pieces, they are nothing to scoff at!

If you’re not lucky on drops… well, hit up the Auction House.  Or do some PvP, there’s lots of excellent BG and Arena gear that will get you where you ought to be!  I didn’t cover the PvP stuff because I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to it, personally.  OR just try to get in on a few Karazhan runs and see what you can pick up from there.  even just Attumen drops a few nice Hunter pieces, and luckily the most important gear you need to be a successful hunter in Kara is SKILL!  So get some practise, read some guides, and I wish you happy hunting!


Be Prepared!

August 28, 2008
Do you catch the reference?

Catch the reference?

I have a checklist of items I should have on me before I head out to a raid.  I hate when people don’t bring what they need with them, and I wouldn’t want an excuse for anyone to get pugnacious with me for not being ready… since I tend to do the same to others! 😛

I keep this on a notepad beside my computer at all times – I have forgotten things one too many times, so I go through it every time before I head out.

  • 20x [Grilled Mudfish] – Stat food.  I usually use between 10-15 depending on the number of wipes 🙂
  • 20x [ Heavy Netherweave Bandage ] – Always good to have, I try to keep myself topped up in fights with heavy raid damage, take a little pressure off of the healers!
  • at least 3 charges of [Superior Mana Oil] – I usually only put it on my weapon when we get to bosses, since mana regen isn’t a huge deal for trash.
  • 20x [Naaru Ration] – Just in case I miss the mage buffet! 🙂
  • 5x [Super Healing Potion] – For emergencies!
  • 5x [Super Mana Potion] – I rarely use them, but they are good to have on hand.
  • 10x [Fel Mana Potion] – I usually go through most of these in one raid.  I learned the “mana regen phase” from BRK.  These potions were pretty much made for Hunters, we are the only class that gets all the benefit but don’t suffer from the debuff!  They regen more than regular mana pots too!
  • 4800x [Mysterious Arrow] – Pew pew?
  • at least 25 charges of [Drums of Battle] – Because I’m a leatherworker and it makes me feel special.
  • at least 25 charges of [Drums of War]
  • 40x Pet Food – Usually whatever I have on hand.  If I have my Wind Serpent, she’ll eat the same as me, so I just need extra of that (Naaru rations/mage treats).  If I have my kitty, it’s any meat or fish, which I usually have lots of.
  • 10x [Kibler’s Bits] – every little bit helps!
  • 2x [Flask of Relentless Assault] or [Shattrath Flask of Relentless Assault]
  • Repair!

This Week in Raiding… Karathress and Cronies eat some floor!

August 23, 2008

Monday and Friday were both Zul’Aman raids.  There was a little drama regarding Monday, since not enough people had signed up, and no one wanted to volunteer to fill them empty spots (including me, Monday is my night off to gather supplies).  And there was a LOT of drama on Friday night, when the raid group (again, I was online but not raiding) was having problems downing Bear, and decided to go to Karazhan instead, pretty much ruining our scheduled Monday night raid for next week.  But I don’t want to get into that here and now.

We hit up SSC on Tuesday night.  Lurker went down with few problems, as usualy.  We decided to make our way to Leo the Blind, of course passing Hydross on the way as he taunted me with his chest piece, shoulders and ring that I so desperately need.  Last time we took a visit to Leo, it was kind of messy.  I was hoping we wouldn’t encounter the same problem this time – and we didn’t!  The problem with stopping DPS was complete history.  But we had a different problem.  The Leo fight was pretty smooth for the first 85% of the fight.  But every time we reached the 15% split, something happened.  We panicked.  People were running this way and that, getting hit with whirlwinds, everything was a big ugly mess.  We made a number of attempts, but it wasn’t going to happen.  At least last week, we managed to down him eventually.

Back to Tempest Keep on Wednesday.  I must admit, I almost dreaded going in there… I’m so tired of wiping on A’lar.  It’s getting very tiring.  But when we got to the big bird’s room, we just went right past.  And Brajana let out a sigh of relief.  Void Reaver and Solarian!  That sounds at least different, if not better.  I think I’ve only done Solarian a couple of times, and it’s been many many months since then.  But I figured it’d be nice to see her again so I can thank her for the boots!

We had a strange composition for Void Reaver, only two and a half (off tank druid in cat form) melee DPS in our entire raid.  Heck, that’s a strange composition for ANY encounter.  But we made it through after one unfortunate wipe caused by aggro pull by a ranged DPS.  He dropped lots of pants, and many people were excited, and we moved on to Solarian.  And I’ve decided that I love the Solarian fight.  It has some quiddity that makes me very excited to be in that room – I’ll have to narrow it down further.  In fact, I think I will dedicate an entire post just to that fight next week!

THURSDAY NIGHT! What an amazing raid night!  We went back to SSC to do what we had not done on Tuesday, take Leo down.  And we did!  Even though one of our mages was having serious connection problems, we took him down in one attempt.  And I got a shiny trinket!

We still had lots of time to spare though, so on to Karathress we ventured!  Karathress was the only one keeping us from being 5/6 and 3/4.  /glare.

We’d had a few sad attempts there in the past, but we were really gunning for it this time.  First attempt:  just over 1 minute and one of our tanks goes down.  Second attempt:  The same thing.  Uh oh, this is looking like a wipe-fest 😦  So we juggled the healers around a bit before the third attempt.  And then… BOOM!  Karathress and his henchmen are no more!  Screenshot!

But wait!  There’s more!  Unbeknownst to most of the guild, it was decided that since we were already done so early, we were going to take a little field trip to Mount Hyjal!

It was SOOO much fun!!  It’s really exciting to just have wave after wave coming, and even though we only made it to the 8th wave, we had a blast – I can’t wait to go back in!



August 22, 2008

After having spent Tuesday night getting more and more frustrated by our inability to down Leotheras the Blind, Thursday night we got him in one swift attempt.  Almost the same group composition, but much less fail.  How do we do it?  That’s just the quiddity of Unemployed!  And the best part is…

Goodbye Bladefist’s Breadth!

Goodbye to my very last second to last Blue quality item! (Stupid Blackened Spear)

Hello trinket-I-don’t-have-to-activate!!

Unemployed had a VERY exciting raid week. Here’s a hint:

More details to follow on Saturday’s “This Week in Raiding” post!


This week in raiding… Frost traps FTL!

August 16, 2008

Kara on Monday.  I was really hoping to go give it a try on Ferguson, see if I’m up to the task – I have almost 1300 +healz, which as far as I know means I am geared for it, but it was not to be 😦  I got rostered on my Hunter instead, even though I don’t really need any badges or gear from Kara.  Oh well, maybe next time.  It’s not very often that I’m available for a Kara night, but hopefully I’ll be able to give Ferguson a chance soon!  At least I got to be raid leader, which made it a bit more fun.

Things went pretty smoothly in Kara, but we were going a little slower than usual, not sure why.  Only had one wipe on Nightbane, but still by the time we got to Chess, we were already 45 minutes past normal raid time.  I was so tired, but people be needin’ their badges, so there was no rest for me… it would be rude of the raid leader to just up and leave.  Luckily we managed to find a replacement for Tigerfeet for Prince, so at least someone got to bed on time!  I got pretty scared when we got to Prince and one person had never seen the boss before and another had never played the role they were doing… I was not looking to have a wipe, I wanted to go to bed!  Luckily we got him down pretty smoothly on our second attempt, with probably THE best infernal placements I have ever seen!

Tuesday was SSC… had a few new people there, which always makes things interesting… we had a few people that got to learn first hand what the spout looks like!  Leo took us three tries, since we were having problems with people remembering to stop DPS during phase switches, and also a few people having problems getting their demons down.  But the third attempt made up for the trouble of the first two – it was going much more smoothly, but our DPS was still a little slow… at 2 or 3%, Leo hits his enrage timer – but we still manage to get him down.  He took out almost the entire raid in the few seconds that he was enraged, but we didn’t wipe!  It was quite a sight to see!

Wednesday was my birthday!  So I was not available to raid.  And from what I hear, it was probably a gift in itself that I wasn’t there to see it!  It was Gruul/Mag, which usually means we don’t have an ideal or adequate composition signed up.  From what I’ve heard, there was lots of wipes.  Never pretty.  No DST, either!

Thursday… Tempest Keep.  Probably one of the worst runs we’ve had in a long time!  I was a little late getting there, because I went out and bought myself a birthday present, but I made it back before pull time.  There were still a bunch of people missing at that point, and we didn’t even make the first pull until about 20 minutes in to raid time.  We were missing a tank and a CC or two, so the other hunter and I had to try to do some trapping.  Well, first pull… we BOTH used Frost traps instead of Freezing traps.  Whoops! And after that, it was resist, after break, after resist, etc… There were mobs running this way and that, making our raid look like a real hugger-mugger!  Trapping in 25-mans is a lot harder than trapping in 5-mans.  A lot.

We took way too long on trash, and we kept having to bring new people in and switch other people out… in the end, we had 2 and a half hours of raid time, and only managed to get Void Reaver down.  Yuck.  Not a pretty evening at all!

Friday was Kara again!  But this time… Fergy got to heal!  Oh man, I was soo nervous!  I have only healed 5-mans, and only 1 heroic (although it WAS Shattered Halls…) but I had no idea how to heal a 10-man.  Luckily we had a great group of people!  Tigerfeet and Houda, my FAVOURITE tanks were there and I asked the other holy priest to keep an eye out and give me any pointers she could.  Tigerfeet and I, along with a few other people in the group I think, were still learning the encounters (from the roles we were in, at least), and we made Tiger run the show so she could shine as a leader!  We only got to Curator, but I think it was a great experience.  Unfortunately, the only drop that I got was an offspec pair of gloves… but badges are always tasty.  I had a lot of fun, and I am pretty happy with the healing I did – I don’t think anyone died because of me, which is more than I can say for my Hunter this week in raiding!