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For the Horde!

October 8, 2008

I love the Horde.  Anyone who knows me at all knows this.  But why do I love the Horde so much?  And not just me, but why is there so much pride for players of this faction?  This is the question I’ve asked myself.

NOTE: Instead of saying “except the Blood Elves” all the time, I’ll just make a disclaimer that I am not a big fan of them.  They don’t count as part of the Horde as far as I’m concerned, in this post at least.

First of all, I think the Horde has such strong lore around its leaders.  And what is a faction without its leaders?  Thrall and Sylvannas especially have great stories behind them, and you can really feel like you have a connection to them if you learn their stories.

The Alliance?  Not so much.  Who have they got?  Jaina Proudmore?  Okay, she’s pretty cool.  But she’s not even truly Alliance – she’s almost neutral.  Her and Thrall?  Giggity-giggity is all I’ve got to say there.

It’s not even just the leaders.  The story behind the Horde draws so much more sympathy from me.  They’re the underdogs, they’re trying to make their place in this new home and ally themselves with their neighbours.  While the Alliance are just kind of there, holding on to the threads of an allegiance formed to fight a force which is no longer there.

Another point for the Horde for me is their races.  I tend to shy away from human-like characters when I play games.  Humans, Dwarves, even Gnomes are just not colourful enough for me.  If I wanted to be a human, I’d just, well, I AM a human, so I’d just be.  When I play a game, I want to be something different, and not just in height (or ear length) but actually different.  Humans are boring.

Now, it’s not like I have a whole lot against the Alliance.  In fact, I’ve secretly got a level 50 Gnome Mage that I’ve leveled up and been playing quite a bit more lately.  But I just don’t feel a connection to the faction itself.  And I don’t see other players displaying the same pride that players of the Horde do.

There seems to be a stronger connection to players of the Horde to their faction than players of the Alliance to theirs.  This brings to mind the whole debate from the WoW Insider Show… the cheer or battle cry of the Alliance?  They don’t really have one.  And the ones they do have are either copying the Horde, or based on the fact that they don’t like the Horde.  “For the Alliance!”  You just can’t say that with as much passion and pride as you can say “For the Horde!”  Can you think of a good one?  One that isn’t class or race specific?  (Not “For Gnomeregan!” or “For the Light!”, as they aren’t general enough to encompass the faction as a whole.)

I think the fact that I leveled on a PvP server may have also had an effect on my Horde allegiance.  When you’re on a PvE server, and you can quest right along side the Alliance… you might not form the same rivalry as when you can kill and get killed by them.

Also, the Alliance has Night Elves.  /hate.