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A preview of posts to come!

October 27, 2008


So I thought I’d give a bit of an update.  To be completely honest, I had a post all written up about what I’ve been doing since 3.0.2 hit, but I keep forgetting to insert the screenshots I want in it, and so it’s been sitting around waiting for the longest time.

So here’s the quick version.  I plan to elaborate on most of these topics in independent posts, but here’s an overview of what’s goin’ on.

New pets!  Woo!

I am loving the new pet changes.  I can hardly even contain myself about how much I love being a hunter right now!

I’ve picked up a Moth, just like I said I would.  His name is Ambrose, and he’s purpley and flappy and a darn good Ferocity-tank.

I’ve also picked up a Gorilla, who still needs a name.  He’s the Unk’loc skin though, and I spent two whole days waiting for him to spawn.  But that’s another story for another post!

The hunters of Unemployed have picked up Orange MC Core Hounds.  They’re pretty nifty, but mine is remaining in the stable until they get rid of the screen shaking.  While it’s true that if you are the hunter with the stampy pet, it doesn’t affect the screen nearly as much, I feel for the other players and won’t subject them to that. 🙂

Spellpower Changes?

Okay, Ferguson has nearly retired until the expansion comes out.  But I did log on to check out the spellpower changes to his gear, and between my Shadow set and my Healing set, I’ve formed a super set of spell power gear.  Just one set of gear.  It’s pretty nice.


are fun!  But I am not nearly as dedicated to them as some people I know (points at Boostah).  I haven’t gotten any new titles yet.  More on the achievements later.


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time leveling a couple of alts.  I resurrected my level 45 Gnome Mage and transferred her to my boyfriend’s main server, which is a PvP server.  How it remind me why I left that type of server in the first place!  But I’ve gotten her to 55 with little problems, and I am enjoying setting things on Fire.  Although Fire Mages have very little to do with healing or huntering, I’ll probably write something up about playing a new class.

I also spend a very significant portion of yesterday playing a new character.  It’s a hunter.  There’s a bit of a story behind how I ended up starting a second hunter, and I’ll get into that in another post, I’ll introduce him formally.  He’s cute, I think you’ll like him!

Unemployed’s Second Annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest!

Last night, we took a break from the zombies and everyone dressed up and met in Brill.  We had a blast, and some of the costumes were amazingly creative!  Way to go, Unemployed!  Mine was about as second-hand as you can get, but I still had fun.  Screenshots inc, I promise!

Well.  It looks like I’ve got quite the load of posts to work on.  You don’t even want to know how much stuff I’ve had going on IRL lately, to boot.  Busy, busy, busy!



August 25, 2008

Have I told you what kind of crazy conversations go on in the Unemployed Shoutbox?  Oh, sure I have.  But this one – this one is more than just a conversation.

It all started with me saying “I think I need a vacation.”

And now, we are picking hotels for our guild-wide meet-up in Shiny Las Vegas!

That’s right, it’s really going to happen.  We’re pulling together to organize a guild meet up, and it’s about time!  I’ve known many of these people for over a year now, spent at least 3 hours a day, 3 days a week working as a team with them.  I think it’s time we all got together and got DRUNK.

This is the biggest test of my ability as Guild Events Officer for the guild.  This is THE Guild Event.

We picked Vegas because flights are supposed to be cheap to get there, and there is a lot to do.  However, I would like to note that the “cheap flights” theory ONLY applies to flights within the USA.  From way up here in Ottawa, a round-trip ticket is pushing $800. Ouch.  In fact, it seems it’s almost cheaper for me to fly to ANY other US city than Las Vegas.  So, it’s time for me to start saving up!  I just hope drinking doesn’t bring out the pugnacity in anyone, we don’t want to have any RL duels!

Now, I’d like to leave you with the Las Vegas Raid Rules as listed by our very own Vladante:

  • Don’t aggro the pit boss.
  • Chips are BOP.
  • Ninja looting the craps table will get you banned.
  • Daily quest rewards = booze.
  • Don’t aggro the damn pit boss.
  • Hookers can be a group quest.
  • All you can eat buffets are the same as mage tables.
  • Cocktail waitresses with free booze = raid healers.
  • Don’t aggro the god damned pit boss.

Unemployed Does Onyxia!

August 12, 2008

Okay, so we are a couple years late to this one.  So what?  We had a blast anyway!

A group of us spent the afternoon finish up our attunements, which we had 3 weeks to do, but didn’t get a chance to get together until the day of.  The funniest part is that our attunement took us about 4-5 hours of running Upper Black Rock Spire and flying from this quest giver to that one… but the actual raid only took us about 30 minutes!

Eight enter the cave...

Eight enter the cave...

But both parts were a lot of fun.  Teiya, Guinesa, Pilsner, Boostah and myself did the attunement run… which would have been SO much easier if we had a mage for ports!  But we took advantage of our Hearthstones whenever we could (at least 3 times, since all of this took so much time).

"Pew pew!" says the space chicken!

"Pew pew!" says the space chicken!

All of this attunement got me thinking about how much I appreciate the simplicity (in comparison) of the Burning Crusade attunements.  Yes, I know they are extra simple now that they don’t exist – but even when they did, they were nothing like this one giant chain for such a short raid.

Anyway, we were almost 2 hours late getting started on the raid, but we had a good number of people who were around… a special thanks to Aeriola and Tigerfeet for being on the ball and getting their attunements ahead of time!



We had 8 people present – Tigerfeet, Aeriola, Boostah (as his Warrior), Magazid, Teiya, Pilsner, Guinesa and myself.  It was a pretty good breakdown, considering it was just everyone we could pull together!  Couple of healers, a tank and an off tank/melee dps and some ranged.

When we did get her down – which took us a little less time than we generally get Gruul down, I’d say – she dropped a butt-load of stuff.  I’m not even going to list it all.  But the most important one… 20g each!  Man, why aren’t people farming Onyxia more often!?

Onyxia buff, courtesy of Unemployed!

Onyxia buff, courtesy of Unemployed!

I never got to raid Onyxia back in the old days, but I can barely imagine having 40 people in there working on her.  I’m so glad they did away with the 40-man concept! I went to a couple, but they were such a hugger-mugger that I just couldn’t do it!


PvP Like the Good Ol’ Days!

July 23, 2008

This weekend I ran the first guild event we’ve had in a long time.  I decided to make it something simple, just to get a feel for what all the new people in the guild were interested in.  I figured, who doesn’t like to kill Alliance?  (If anyone in the guild were to reply “Me”, they would be gkicked immediately, of course).  The plan was this:  Attack Southshore, then raid one of the major cities, chosen by the guild members on the forum.  I wanted to do Southshore because Hillsbrad would be a good place for us to all congregate, and back before the days of BGs, Southshore vs. Tarren Mill were where all the action was (at least on my old PvP server).

So I spent the afternoon gathering supplies for the event, fished up 100 Deviate fish to distribute, gathered some Heavy Leather to make Heavy Leather Balls, bought 40G worth of alcohol from the Barkeep in Org.  I filled my bags with non-combat pets, my Mario costume, and all my other assorted fun gear.  I made my way to Undercity to start heading to Tarren Mill.

Ever gotten bugged in the UC elevators?  Never happened to me before.  But good ol’ WoW decided that Sunday was the day to show me what it’s like.  It may have had to do with the fact that I was alt-tabbed out when I was going down, I don’t know.  But I came back to find myself disconnected.  I try to log back in, and I get booted.  Again.  And again.  On the character log in screen, I notice that my location is listed as blank.  Greeeeat!

I finally gave up and logged onto Fergy, reluctantly opened a GM ticket (knowing I wouldn’t get a response in time).  There goes all my tasty fish and alcohol!  It was a sad day.

But the event was fun, nonetheless.  Other than a little confusion with the start time (Whoever put 8PM in the MotD sure screwed up there! *shifty eyes*) we started without a hitch, and got Soutshore down in a matter of seconds.  It was enough to weit our palettes, and we were ready to head to SW.  I hadn’t really planned the whole evening, I figured we’d just play it by ear, which we did.  We portaled to Stonard and took the short jog to Elwynn, taking a visit to raid Hogger first (although some level 12 ninja’s our kill!).  The beginning of the Stormwind raid was quite disorganized, but most of us ended up on a dock by Stockades.  We co-ordinated a res and managed to take out our impromptu nemesis, Starbeam (one of the many NE hunters).

After we got a little tired of all the dying and running back, we used Stockade as a safe haven, and decided on our next action.  Since we are a PvE guild after all, and we are playing it old school, an Onyxia raid is just what the doctor ordered.  We spent the rest of the evening in 5-man groups trying to get everyone finished at least the LBRS part of the chain, with the help of Boostah and a couple others who could still remember their way around!

All in all, I think the event was a success.  Sure, it wasn’t super organized, but I found it really interesting to see how people worked together and made decisions as a group, something we don’t get to do while raiding very often.

I’ll be planning the real Onyxia raid in a couple of weeks, and I think it’ll be a blast!