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This Week in Raiding… Unemployed officially enters T6!

September 6, 2008

Tuesday, some Lurker and Leo action.  Not much excitement there, I just want to say that Leo doesn’t seem to drop the Hunter/Warlock/Mage set piece ever!  We had enough time to spare afterwards to head in and take a look at Vashj though!

It’s a pretty complicated fight, and while I have read up on it and tried my best to listen to the raid leader explain our strategy – it’s always so different to be right in on the action.  And in fact, for me it was more like watching a video… because I was the first to get the static charge, and also the first to die from it.  I think the problem was that when the people around me realized that I had the charge, they also ran away, as I did.  So we ran together for a little while, which in turn meant I needed to run even further and I think it put me out of the healer’s range.  Oh well, it was a good place to observe the rest of the attempt!  And we managed to get her down to 69% on our first attempt… not too shabby!

Wednesday night was more of Vashj.  I wasn’t there, but it looks like a lot of learning took place… and there may have been problems with the changes in the fight at 50%, because it looks like that’s about how far the raid could get her.  Instead, I was out enjoying a fabulous meal at Lago, a belated birthday dinner.  I had a Butternut Squash Ravioli, and it was amazing.  I could eat that everyday.  It was really rich and tasted very buttery, but it was amazing.  I finished it off with a great Root Beer Float with Caramel Tequila ice cream in it… mmmm!

Er, I mean… raiding!  RIGHT!

So, Thursday night we took another stab at some progression and headed into Hyjal.  We didn’t have any serious problems on the trash – actually, it went a lot faster than it had before.  We are really getting the hang of it!  Though I’m sure having 4 warlocks and 2 mages to AoE the trash really DOES help a lot. Our first attempt at Rage Winterchill of the night we didn’t quite get him down.  If I remember correctly, we just had too many loses to icebolts and death & decay.

Second attempt we decided to drag Rage over to Jaina, which we had been reluctant to do before.  From about 25% to 4%, the only people we had alive were 3 DPS (myself included), one tank and one healer, plus the NPCs.  It was amazing how long we lasted… but it wasn’t long enough.

But… third time’s a charm!  It went pretty smoothly the last time, and I noticed that the healers really got their macros working to get a heal on the icebolt target, we hardly lost any to it.  Unfortunately, I died do to a small peccadillo – running into the Death and Decay rather than running out of it… but we still managed to get him down!

It really IS a pretty straight forward fight, now that I think about it.

He dropped 2 pairs of leather bracers, DPS and healing.  I thought about rolling on the DPS ones, but I figured there would be someone who needed it more, and I’ll just wait til something more appropriate for me drops!

Oh, and Friday night was ZA, which I wasn’t scheduled for.  But about 2 hours into the raid, I got a whisper asking if I wanted to go heal for a couple bosses on Ferguson!  Whaaaa?  I was a little nervous, because I’ve only raid healed once, and I’ve only been to ZA about 3 times on Brajana, never on Ferg.  But what the heck, it was worth a try!  We went in and got Dragonhawk down and made a couple attempts at the Lynx boss (which I’d never seen before).  It was fun, I should go to ZA more often.

And the best part?  I got my very first [Amani Hex Stick], never had one before… and what happened on my first try?  [Mojo]!  That’s what happened! 😀


Why I Love the Solarian Encounter

September 1, 2008

The mage who thinks she's a warlock.

Recently, we took down High Astromancer Solarian, which we hadn’t done in quite some time.  And while we were doing it, I realized that I really do love that fight!  But why?

It gives me this feeling – the feeling you get when you are sitting on the edge of your seat hearing lottery numbers being called out.  Will I be the bomb?  Will <insert raid member> make it out in time?  Oooo, suspense!

There is such an excitement to this fight, and it comes from the fact that no matter how well it is going, just one peccadillo and it could all be over instantly.

I even like the fact that you know exactly whose fault it is.  Not that we really point fingers, but that makes everyone so much more aware of what they are doing, because you just can’t hide it if you screw this one up.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets that feeling when doing this fight, at least for the first few times there… you see those flashing charges eminating from somewhere within the DPS ‘pile’ your breath stops –

They aren’t moving – should you move to avoid them?  No, they might go the same way.  Why aren’t they moving?!  They’re going to wipe the raid!  But it was going so well!

But wait… it’s a paladin.  He bubbled out just in time!  *phew!*

And I think the cruelest part of the whole bomb experience is that when you blow up the raid, you yourself don’t get blown up.  You just float gently to the ground as everyone around you takes the fall (pun intended).  You just stand there, surrounded by the bodiesof your raid, who are slightly irked to very irrate (depending on how many wipes that makes it).

What fun! 😀