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“Gorilladin: I’ll just tank the d@mn thing myself.”

November 19, 2008

The title is a reference to some shirts BRK was recently vendoring.  I like it.  And I love my Gorilla, it has been amazing to level with him!

By the way… I FINALLY picked out a name.  My Gorilla is now called “Hanno”  (which means merciful), named for Hanno the Navigator, a Carthaginian explorer who noted what he observed as a tribe of very hairy women when he was traveling through Sierra Leone. He called them “Gorillai”, which is the origin of the name Gorilla.

❤ Wikipedia.

Now let me say, AoE grinding always scared me.  My mage does not like to take on more than one thing at a time.  It usually results in a dead Gnome.  And I was always the same way with my hunter.

But after so much time studying and practising my Huntering skills, my hunter has become like an extension of myself.  I’ve played her enough that I know exactly which keybindings do what, I know where my panic buttons are (AH! Feign! Feign! Feign!), I know what abilities are best used when.  I’m comfortable in my Troll skin!

When I’d first heard about the AoE tanking of the Gorillas, I was a little nervous, but excited.  I don’t want to be pulling aggro and getting myself killed, but I wanted to see what kind of stuff I could take on.

And it’s AMAZING!  It’s almost a chore to try to pull aggro from my gorilla.  I just send him in, bounce him around to a bunch of mobs within the area, pop a Mend Pet on him, and give those mobs an arrow shower!  It’s so nice to see 5 or 6 XP gains pop up at a time.  Wee!

It’s going to take a really great gear upgrade for me to break my T5 2-piece bonus.  I rarely really need to use Mend Pet, thanks to the healing caused by my Volley.

I haven’t really used other Tenacity pets since Wrath came out.  I did pick up Sparkle, my Rhino, and he is pretty decent at single target tanking… but so is Hanno, AND he can multitank.  So there.

Anyone else having a little love affair with their Gorilla?

Blog Announcement

With the coming of the end of my school term in the next couple of weeks, and with all the lovely content spewing forth, and with Unemployed having official sign ups again, it seems it is time to reinvigorate Mend Pet.  I am announcing the return of my weekend regular posts of This Week in Raiding and WoW Word of the Week!  I will also try to post daily during the week, but I still might miss a day or two here and there.  School isn’t over just quite yet.

Also, while I’m leveling, I’m going to end my posts with a little update on my skills and level, in case you are curious about where I’m at. 🙂

Brajana – Level 74 Troll Hunter

  • Skinning: 450
  • Leatherworking: 405
  • First Aid: 400
  • Fishing: 381
  • Cooking: 392

When do hunters learn Mend Pet?

November 3, 2008

Level 12.

That means for your first two levels with a pet, you have to just keep them alive.  Bandage them maybe, if you must.

Find out more here.

This question frequently shows up in my Search Engine hit statistics… apparently a lot of people are curious about this, and reasonably so, you’d think you’d get it at the same time you get your pet, but that is not the case!



September 16, 2008

Sorry it’s been so slow here lately.  I can tell you this, there is a direct correlation between the time I stopped posting everyday and when classes started up… and it doesn’t seem to be getting better!  For the next ten weeks, I’ve got a minimum of two test/assignments/midterms due every single week, I’m working two full days a week and schooling full-time.  Not to mention the job application process I have to go through to find a co-op position for January!  Sheesh.  I’m already pooped.

So the bottom line is, I likely won’t be posting every day.  I’m going to get some posts out still, but if I want to write pukka posts, I’ll need to take a couple of days to write them rather than getting them out once a day. I have to chose between writing about WoW in my very limited spare time or actually playing the game, and the choice is pretty simple.  And obviously school takes priority over all of that.

But don’t worry, I’m back to the real world come January, and I’m sure with Wrath being out and the Las Vegas trip approaching, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to get me back into daily posts in December-January, once classes are done.

Keep an eye on the site, I’ll do what I can to keep it running smoothly. 😀


BigRedKitty Podcast!

September 2, 2008

I’m a big fan of podcasts, and I was very excited when BRK mentioned he wanted to start his own.  He’s been on a few episodes of the WoW Insider Show and I felt he did a great job.  I have always enjoyed his videos, I think he has a great voice and does an excellent job of being informative and keeping people interested!

I listened to the first episode of BRK’s podcast this morning, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s about 30 minutes long and is all about the latest update on the beta realms, which normally isn’t something I get too concerned about – but BRK does a great job of explaining the changes and how they may or may not affect the game.

Normally, I find podcasts with just a single host can feel a little boring, like listening to someone read a book.  But this really doesn’t feel like that at all!  It wasn’t edited to pieces either.  He made a few small peccadilloes like flubbing words, and left them in there… which helped make it feel more like having a conversation with someone real than listening to someone preach.

I look forward to checking out the next episodes 🙂  Great job BRK!


Gender-specific Blogging

August 19, 2008

The topic for this post was sparked by my realization during the “Subscribe-a-thon” that there are a lot of World of Warcraft blogs that are written with a title based on the fact that the author is a) a gamer, as well as b) a female.  Many of these are great blogs written by wonderful bloggers, even some of my favourites.

The thing is – I don’t see what the big deal is about being a female geek.  I (obviously) do not have a problem with female gamers OR female bloggers.  But I don’t understand why some women seem to think this is such important distinction for their blog.

Okay, so there are less females than males that play World of Warcraft.  This is a fact.  But does this really affect how or why you play the game?  When I am playing, I don’t make decisions like, “I’m going to spec BM because I’m a girl.”  Or “I’d rather quest in Terrokar than Blade’s Edge because I have woman parts.”  The fact that I am a female does not affect my in-game life on a day-to-day basis.  Sure, I’ll have the occasional person who thinks I’m a guy playing a girl (not very often, Trolls are much less likely to be cross-players than Elves)  or that I’m a guy playing a guy (in the case of Ferguson, which is a reasonable assumption to make.)  The thing is, I don’t take offense from it.  There is no way for someone to know if I’m a lady or a guy until I either tell them or they hear me talk.  I’ll correct them if necessary, and then move on.

Can you really base an entire blog on this?

I am of the opinion that your blog title should either be terribly clever or be informative about the subject matter (preferably both… see Secret Agent Cat).  I also believe it’s important to have something special, some quiddity, that makes your blog different from others.  Which I guess is where the girl blog thing comes from.  However, the “I’m a girl who plays WoW” blogs I’ve seen are rarely actually about the fact that they are a girl.  They are no different from blogs written by guys. In fact, I could title my blog about the fact that I’m a Troll (since Trolls are a minority in WoW) but it would be deceiving, because I don’t really blog about the fact that I’m a Troll.

Maybe a blog that actually discusses the topic of being a female in the gaming world on a regular basis could justify the title, although I can’t really see there being enough to discuss to keep an entire blog afloat.

Maybe I’m just used to being a minority.  I work in a very male-dominated field.  At my current job, I’m the only girl on my team (of about 15) and there are only 6 females in our company (about 60 people total).  Again, it doesn’t affect me.  I don’t care who is a male or who is a female, if they can do their job right – that’s great.

I also don’t think women are as much of a minority as some may think.  In my guild, our 25-man raids are always at least 1/3 female, and 3/4 of our guild leaders are female.  Many of our most active players are female.  As WoW becomes more and more mainstream, it becomes more and more common to run into a female character that is -actually- female.  Actually, when I see a female toon, I always assume it is a female until I’m told otherwise.  Like I said, there is no other way to know!

So I guess what I’m wondering is: is it really THAT big a deal that you are a girl that plays games?  Does that make you any more/less important/knowledgeable?  Must you really rely on your gender to get people to visit your blog or find you interesting?

No! You are a great writer.  You are a passionate gamer.  You are a good and fun person.  That is why people read your blog and play games with you… so why focus on the fact that you’re a girl?


The Great Blog Subscribe-a-thon

August 14, 2008


I feel like being informed.  I feel like getting to know the other bloggers of the WoW community.  I feel like being overwhelmed.

So, I’ve just subscribed to almost every WoW (especially hunter) blog I could find that’s been updated a least a couple times in the last two weeks.  Mostly found from links of the blogs I already read.  I’m up to… 122 blogs!

That’s a crazy number!  At least for me.  Before today, I had about 10-15 WoW related blogs to read, maybe 25 blogs in all categories of my RSS reader.  This is a big undertaking, but I’m going to see what I can learn.   I’m hoping I can draw connections and inspiration from the creativity of others, since my creativity is… limited.

I don’t know how many updates there will be, but I have a feeling that when I get up in the morning tomorrow, I will be greeted with a real hugger-mugger Google Reader!

I’ve made a list of all the blogs I’ve subscribed to.  It’s not organized by anything other than alphabet, but that’ll change.  If you have a blog that’s not listed, or know one I should add to my extensive list, let me know! 🙂  I’m sure I’ve missed a few good ones.

If I find really informative or interesting posts and/or blogs, I’ll be sure to write about them.

I’ve already got something I’d like to talk about – Female Gamers.  I have found more blogs with “Girl” or “Lady” or “Women” in the title, than I have blogs about Mages.  I have also noticed that at least half of the bloggers I have subscribed to are females.  I have nothing against female gamers (being one myself), but I would like to bring up the issue of why females feel it is necessary to focus on the fact that they are female, rather than just blogging about the game.  The only “male” oriented blog I have found is WoW Dad, which isn’t really about being male, but about being a parent.  But this is a topic for another day!!


Mend Pet – Healers and Hunter Pets in Instances

July 31, 2008

Just a few short (or rather, long) levels ago, Ferguson was running a Blood Furnace PUG.  In my group, was an “extra special” hunter, whose pet kept taking extraordinary amounts of damage.  True enough, there is a lot of AoE in the Furnace, so I did what I could to keep it healed up, but it was eating away at my mana.  I flip my Recount around to the healing meters to see that I’m the only one who’s been doing any healing.  I don’t mind helping a hunter out when the damage is just too much for the Mend Pet HoT, but I figured, it simply is not the healer’s job to look after the pet.  When I questioned this hunter about why he hadn’t healed his pet at all, his response was “He’s not taking any damage… he hasn’t even died once!”

I suppose, in the end, it was partially my own fault that he wasn’t healing his pet.  The group was doing well otherwise, and I’d been pretty good about keeping his pet healed up.  Maybe he didn’t realize that during a boss fight, I simply can’t focus on it.

This got me thinking – are there other hunters out there that rely too much on their healers?  What about healers who refuse to pay any attention to pets?

What if the two were to collide?!

… Anyway, I’d like to discuss this issue that affects me doubly – under what circumstances should healers heal hunter pets?  I decided that I need to get some input on this issue, since if I’ve learned one thing through PUG-ing, it’s that everyone has different strategies and expectations when it comes to healing.

I e-mailed a few Hunter and Healer bloggers, and they were all kind enough to respond with lengthy discussions on the topic.  All were very insightful, but it seems that we all unanimously agree on what seem to be two basic logical points:

A Hunter should be responsible for their pet.

A Healer should not be completely ignorant of pets.

From a Healer standpoint, pets take the lowest priority.  It is irresponsible of a healer to let a player die while they are trying to save a pet.  However, in my opinion, it is against the principle of being a healer if pets are completely ignored.  Even if it means watching them die as you wait for a chance to toss a Renew on them, it’s imperative that you at least know what is going on and keep them in the back of your mind.  Hunters should understand if you don’t get to heal their pets, but on the other hand – if you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs while the pet is at low health, show the pet some lovin’.  Lassirra of The Hunter’s Mark discovered the same thing as me while leveling up a priest after a hunter: there are more opportunities for this than I had thought there were.

Ego from the Egotistical Priest, told me about how she has a separate group in her raid UI (using XPerl) for pets.  It is less prominent than the regular raid groups, but when she has a couple seconds of free time and mana, she can quickly have a look and give a hunter a hand.

As for hunters, pet management is key here.  Proper pet management means knowing when to toss a mend pet, and when to recall your pet to your side.  It also means not really having to worry about the issue of getting heals from the healer!  If you are keeping good control of him, your pet should not need heals!  Unfortunately, especially when still leveling, some hunter’s haven’t really taken the time to learn how much is too much for their pet, Bremere of Healing Anonymous has had similar problems with hunters in lower level instances.

But there are situations, like when a pet is off- or even main-tanking.  At that point, Mend Pet shows itself for what it truly is, an ersatz Renew.  You wouldn’t expect a tank to survive on just Renew, especially if it’s a cute little kitty-cat?  This is one of those times when the healer priority list needs to be fumbled up.  Yet still, some healers somehow forget to help a hunter out even in this situation, much to Pike’s frustration (Apect of the Hare).

Matticus of World of Matticus brought up an excellent point about PvP.  Since obviously, I’m not a big participant in the arenas, I really hadn’t thought about the value of a pet in that situation.  Those things can be deadly to a caster – and if you can keep them up a little longer, it’ll probably do you some good.

In the end, it depends on a number of factors like group composition, amount of group damage taken, spare time and spare mana.  Hunters should do what they can to take care of their pets – but when its appropriate, heals are always welcome!

I’d like to quote something Jez from DPS: We Deliver said to me:  “It’s kind of like getting a mage table in BGs – you can’t expect it, but it sure is nice when it happens :)”

Thanks to all those who gave me input to help me write this post!