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A preview of posts to come!

October 27, 2008


So I thought I’d give a bit of an update.  To be completely honest, I had a post all written up about what I’ve been doing since 3.0.2 hit, but I keep forgetting to insert the screenshots I want in it, and so it’s been sitting around waiting for the longest time.

So here’s the quick version.  I plan to elaborate on most of these topics in independent posts, but here’s an overview of what’s goin’ on.

New pets!  Woo!

I am loving the new pet changes.  I can hardly even contain myself about how much I love being a hunter right now!

I’ve picked up a Moth, just like I said I would.  His name is Ambrose, and he’s purpley and flappy and a darn good Ferocity-tank.

I’ve also picked up a Gorilla, who still needs a name.  He’s the Unk’loc skin though, and I spent two whole days waiting for him to spawn.  But that’s another story for another post!

The hunters of Unemployed have picked up Orange MC Core Hounds.  They’re pretty nifty, but mine is remaining in the stable until they get rid of the screen shaking.  While it’s true that if you are the hunter with the stampy pet, it doesn’t affect the screen nearly as much, I feel for the other players and won’t subject them to that. 🙂

Spellpower Changes?

Okay, Ferguson has nearly retired until the expansion comes out.  But I did log on to check out the spellpower changes to his gear, and between my Shadow set and my Healing set, I’ve formed a super set of spell power gear.  Just one set of gear.  It’s pretty nice.


are fun!  But I am not nearly as dedicated to them as some people I know (points at Boostah).  I haven’t gotten any new titles yet.  More on the achievements later.


I’ve been spending quite a bit of time leveling a couple of alts.  I resurrected my level 45 Gnome Mage and transferred her to my boyfriend’s main server, which is a PvP server.  How it remind me why I left that type of server in the first place!  But I’ve gotten her to 55 with little problems, and I am enjoying setting things on Fire.  Although Fire Mages have very little to do with healing or huntering, I’ll probably write something up about playing a new class.

I also spend a very significant portion of yesterday playing a new character.  It’s a hunter.  There’s a bit of a story behind how I ended up starting a second hunter, and I’ll get into that in another post, I’ll introduce him formally.  He’s cute, I think you’ll like him!

Unemployed’s Second Annual Hallow’s End Costume Contest!

Last night, we took a break from the zombies and everyone dressed up and met in Brill.  We had a blast, and some of the costumes were amazingly creative!  Way to go, Unemployed!  Mine was about as second-hand as you can get, but I still had fun.  Screenshots inc, I promise!

Well.  It looks like I’ve got quite the load of posts to work on.  You don’t even want to know how much stuff I’ve had going on IRL lately, to boot.  Busy, busy, busy!


This Week in Raiding… Unemployed officially enters T6!

September 6, 2008

Tuesday, some Lurker and Leo action.  Not much excitement there, I just want to say that Leo doesn’t seem to drop the Hunter/Warlock/Mage set piece ever!  We had enough time to spare afterwards to head in and take a look at Vashj though!

It’s a pretty complicated fight, and while I have read up on it and tried my best to listen to the raid leader explain our strategy – it’s always so different to be right in on the action.  And in fact, for me it was more like watching a video… because I was the first to get the static charge, and also the first to die from it.  I think the problem was that when the people around me realized that I had the charge, they also ran away, as I did.  So we ran together for a little while, which in turn meant I needed to run even further and I think it put me out of the healer’s range.  Oh well, it was a good place to observe the rest of the attempt!  And we managed to get her down to 69% on our first attempt… not too shabby!

Wednesday night was more of Vashj.  I wasn’t there, but it looks like a lot of learning took place… and there may have been problems with the changes in the fight at 50%, because it looks like that’s about how far the raid could get her.  Instead, I was out enjoying a fabulous meal at Lago, a belated birthday dinner.  I had a Butternut Squash Ravioli, and it was amazing.  I could eat that everyday.  It was really rich and tasted very buttery, but it was amazing.  I finished it off with a great Root Beer Float with Caramel Tequila ice cream in it… mmmm!

Er, I mean… raiding!  RIGHT!

So, Thursday night we took another stab at some progression and headed into Hyjal.  We didn’t have any serious problems on the trash – actually, it went a lot faster than it had before.  We are really getting the hang of it!  Though I’m sure having 4 warlocks and 2 mages to AoE the trash really DOES help a lot. Our first attempt at Rage Winterchill of the night we didn’t quite get him down.  If I remember correctly, we just had too many loses to icebolts and death & decay.

Second attempt we decided to drag Rage over to Jaina, which we had been reluctant to do before.  From about 25% to 4%, the only people we had alive were 3 DPS (myself included), one tank and one healer, plus the NPCs.  It was amazing how long we lasted… but it wasn’t long enough.

But… third time’s a charm!  It went pretty smoothly the last time, and I noticed that the healers really got their macros working to get a heal on the icebolt target, we hardly lost any to it.  Unfortunately, I died do to a small peccadillo – running into the Death and Decay rather than running out of it… but we still managed to get him down!

It really IS a pretty straight forward fight, now that I think about it.

He dropped 2 pairs of leather bracers, DPS and healing.  I thought about rolling on the DPS ones, but I figured there would be someone who needed it more, and I’ll just wait til something more appropriate for me drops!

Oh, and Friday night was ZA, which I wasn’t scheduled for.  But about 2 hours into the raid, I got a whisper asking if I wanted to go heal for a couple bosses on Ferguson!  Whaaaa?  I was a little nervous, because I’ve only raid healed once, and I’ve only been to ZA about 3 times on Brajana, never on Ferg.  But what the heck, it was worth a try!  We went in and got Dragonhawk down and made a couple attempts at the Lynx boss (which I’d never seen before).  It was fun, I should go to ZA more often.

And the best part?  I got my very first [Amani Hex Stick], never had one before… and what happened on my first try?  [Mojo]!  That’s what happened! 😀


Friday Five #2

August 29, 2008

It’s Friday again, and Anna has not let me down with her Friday Five post!  Here are my responses to this week’s questions.  Feel free to check out my answers to last week’s questions here.

Brajana, Troll Hunter

1. When is your character’s birthday? Does she know? Brajana was born in the spring – She figures it was some time in early May.  Trolls don’t especially celebrate their birthdays as much as their birth seasons, so the date isn’t exact.

2. What is your character’s favorite place in the world? Why? The more remote parts of Winterspring.  Even though she’s a jungle troll, Brajana loves the winter.  She loves how silent, peaceful and crisp the mornings are nestled up between the trees and the mountains.  It’s the one place she can go when feeling particularly pugnacious that will always calm her down.  … Or Thrall’s Chamber. 🙂

3. What kind of sense of humor does your character have (if any)? She’s a bit of a flirt.  She doesn’t mean anything by it, but she has made her fair share of sexual innuendos!

4. Is your character introverted or extroverted? She’s mostly extroverted, unless she’s around particularly large groups of people.  She feels most comfortable with a small group of friends, and in these situations, the leader in her is brought out.  But the larger the group gets, the more she tends to stick to her self and keep her mouth shut.

5. What just irritates the hell out of your character? Night Elves.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Ferguson, Undead Priest

1. When is your character’s birthday? Does he know? Ferguson can’t remember the exact date of his birth, or even the year of it.  He lost track of time and dates, as they take on little meaning in undeath.

2. What is your character’s favorite place in the world? Why? Felwood.  Something about the way the nature and the corruption have collided – and how no matter how corrupted it gets, he can still see healthy life emerging from underneath.

3. What kind of sense of humor does your character have (if any)? Ferguson doesn’t have a major sense of humour, but he enjoys light-hearted conversations with the ocassional chuckle.

4. Is your character introverted or extroverted? Very introverted.  Ferguson likes to think, and overthink.  He enjoys sitting back and observing people going about their business.

5. What just irritates the hell out of your character? Failure.  He blames himself every time something goes wrong when he’s with a party, he takes on too much responsibility and it makes him sick when something goes wrong!


Ferguson sells his soul for an Epic Flyer!

August 26, 2008
Part-time Face Melter

Part-time Face Melter

That’s right – Our dear holiest of the holy priests converted to the Dark Side temporarily this past weekend to finish off some quest grinding to save up for that epic flying skill!

Ferguson is not only my healer, but he’s also my herb farmer.  But 375 Herbalism means nothing if you are riding a flying slug.  So, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I’d skipped two entire zones when leveling, and get some nice quest gold!  But unfortunately – it seems that holy spec’d priests aren’t so great when it comes to killing stuff.  Sure, I’ve managed to Smite my way through the SSO dailies for a few weeks, but some of these quest mobs are a bit tougher, and Smite just wasn’t doing the trick.

So I snuck over to Orgrimmar and paid a quick 15g to respec.  I just made up a talent spec – I know there are cookie cutter specs out there, but they are mostly for raiding.  A shadow priest that’s not grouping doesn’t need 25% reduced threat or even Vampiric Embrace.  So I just put the points where they seemed to make sense.

And the result?  Wow.  When I was leveling, I only had enough points put in the Shadow tree to get me Shadowform, but this time I poured almost all of my points in there, and boy can I kill things FAST.  I also no longer run out of mana… like, ever.  The new gear I’ve gotten has way more mana regen than the gear I was using to level.  It also has more +dmg, even though it’s healing gear.

I must admit – I’m enjoying playing as a Shadow priest.  However, I could never see myself raiding or even instancing as shadow – just not as much excitement as I’d like.

Anyway… after a weekend in Shadowmoon Valley and selling everything I could spare on the Auction House, I managed to conjure up the 5200g required to net myself a shiny Swift Purple Windrider!

Will I stay shadow?  Well, for the rest of the week maybe.  Finish off some more quests, I won’t be raiding much this week due to a big move happening.  It’ll give me something to do.  But I’m sure it won’t be long before I miss healing, and I’ll be back at it before you can say “pugnacious!” (Yeah, I’m not reeeally using it in a sentence.  But at least it’s there!)


Friday Five – RP Style

August 22, 2008

Anna from Too Many Annas has come up with a fun idea for helping people develop and flex their roleplaying muscles.  I have always enjoyed roleplaying, but never been great at coming up with ideas.  So I’m going to follow along with Anna and help everyone (including myself) get to know Brajana and Ferguson!

Brajana, Troll Hunter

1. What is your character’s name? Brajana, named after her great-grandmother (a Troll tradition).

2. Why did he/she pick his/her class? Brajana’s father was a warrior.  She appreciated the things he did, and his lessons about the history of the Trolls and the Horde inspired her to follow in the fighter’s path – but her father could see that she had a quiddity about her, a way with animals, and so he sent her to be trained by her uncle, a proud Hunter.

3. What’s the worst trouble he/she ever got into as a child? On her first trip to Orgrimmar, a young Brajana had a chance encounter with the Warchief, Thrall.  She’d gotten separated from her father in the Valley of Honour, and ended up sneaking into the Warchief’s chambers, only to come face-to-face with Thrall himself.  She still to this day will not tell anyone about what Thrall told her that day, but ever since then, she’s held his opinion above everyone but her father’s.

4. What is his/her favorite thing to eat? Crunchy Spider Surprise – She can’t stand the creepy things when they’re alive, but fry ’em up and they’ll be gone in no time!

5. What does he/she have in his/her pockets? Pet food – always pet food.  She feels like these beasts of hers could eat every living thing in all of the Barrens and still come crawling to her for an extra Sporeling Snack or two!

Ferguson, Forsaken Priest

1. What is your character’s name? Ferguson.  He had a first name in his former life, but will only go by his last name, as it helps bring back the memory of his family.

2. Why did he/she pick his/her class? Ferguson was inspired by the light all of his life.  He spent his time as a young adult at the Abby, where his caring nature made him a very popular friend to many.  After he was… lost, he fell into shadow for a time – the loss of his family was too great for him.  But he has since redeemed himself, and has gone back to a life focused on helping those around him not suffer what he did.

3. What’s the worst trouble he/she ever got into as a child? Ferguson was a very good child.  Except when it came to playing with his sister, Anabelle.  Something about her brought out the worst in him!

4. What is his/her favorite thing to eat? Ferguson is a vegetarian, he refuses to act like a cannibal like so many of his fellow Forsaken.  Give him a tasty deep friend plantain, and you’ll have one happy priest!

5. What does he/she have in his/her pockets? Whiskers the Rat – the first friend he made in the Undercity.


This week in raiding… Frost traps FTL!

August 16, 2008

Kara on Monday.  I was really hoping to go give it a try on Ferguson, see if I’m up to the task – I have almost 1300 +healz, which as far as I know means I am geared for it, but it was not to be 😦  I got rostered on my Hunter instead, even though I don’t really need any badges or gear from Kara.  Oh well, maybe next time.  It’s not very often that I’m available for a Kara night, but hopefully I’ll be able to give Ferguson a chance soon!  At least I got to be raid leader, which made it a bit more fun.

Things went pretty smoothly in Kara, but we were going a little slower than usual, not sure why.  Only had one wipe on Nightbane, but still by the time we got to Chess, we were already 45 minutes past normal raid time.  I was so tired, but people be needin’ their badges, so there was no rest for me… it would be rude of the raid leader to just up and leave.  Luckily we managed to find a replacement for Tigerfeet for Prince, so at least someone got to bed on time!  I got pretty scared when we got to Prince and one person had never seen the boss before and another had never played the role they were doing… I was not looking to have a wipe, I wanted to go to bed!  Luckily we got him down pretty smoothly on our second attempt, with probably THE best infernal placements I have ever seen!

Tuesday was SSC… had a few new people there, which always makes things interesting… we had a few people that got to learn first hand what the spout looks like!  Leo took us three tries, since we were having problems with people remembering to stop DPS during phase switches, and also a few people having problems getting their demons down.  But the third attempt made up for the trouble of the first two – it was going much more smoothly, but our DPS was still a little slow… at 2 or 3%, Leo hits his enrage timer – but we still manage to get him down.  He took out almost the entire raid in the few seconds that he was enraged, but we didn’t wipe!  It was quite a sight to see!

Wednesday was my birthday!  So I was not available to raid.  And from what I hear, it was probably a gift in itself that I wasn’t there to see it!  It was Gruul/Mag, which usually means we don’t have an ideal or adequate composition signed up.  From what I’ve heard, there was lots of wipes.  Never pretty.  No DST, either!

Thursday… Tempest Keep.  Probably one of the worst runs we’ve had in a long time!  I was a little late getting there, because I went out and bought myself a birthday present, but I made it back before pull time.  There were still a bunch of people missing at that point, and we didn’t even make the first pull until about 20 minutes in to raid time.  We were missing a tank and a CC or two, so the other hunter and I had to try to do some trapping.  Well, first pull… we BOTH used Frost traps instead of Freezing traps.  Whoops! And after that, it was resist, after break, after resist, etc… There were mobs running this way and that, making our raid look like a real hugger-mugger!  Trapping in 25-mans is a lot harder than trapping in 5-mans.  A lot.

We took way too long on trash, and we kept having to bring new people in and switch other people out… in the end, we had 2 and a half hours of raid time, and only managed to get Void Reaver down.  Yuck.  Not a pretty evening at all!

Friday was Kara again!  But this time… Fergy got to heal!  Oh man, I was soo nervous!  I have only healed 5-mans, and only 1 heroic (although it WAS Shattered Halls…) but I had no idea how to heal a 10-man.  Luckily we had a great group of people!  Tigerfeet and Houda, my FAVOURITE tanks were there and I asked the other holy priest to keep an eye out and give me any pointers she could.  Tigerfeet and I, along with a few other people in the group I think, were still learning the encounters (from the roles we were in, at least), and we made Tiger run the show so she could shine as a leader!  We only got to Curator, but I think it was a great experience.  Unfortunately, the only drop that I got was an offspec pair of gloves… but badges are always tasty.  I had a lot of fun, and I am pretty happy with the healing I did – I don’t think anyone died because of me, which is more than I can say for my Hunter this week in raiding!


Mend Pet – Healers and Hunter Pets in Instances

July 31, 2008

Just a few short (or rather, long) levels ago, Ferguson was running a Blood Furnace PUG.  In my group, was an “extra special” hunter, whose pet kept taking extraordinary amounts of damage.  True enough, there is a lot of AoE in the Furnace, so I did what I could to keep it healed up, but it was eating away at my mana.  I flip my Recount around to the healing meters to see that I’m the only one who’s been doing any healing.  I don’t mind helping a hunter out when the damage is just too much for the Mend Pet HoT, but I figured, it simply is not the healer’s job to look after the pet.  When I questioned this hunter about why he hadn’t healed his pet at all, his response was “He’s not taking any damage… he hasn’t even died once!”

I suppose, in the end, it was partially my own fault that he wasn’t healing his pet.  The group was doing well otherwise, and I’d been pretty good about keeping his pet healed up.  Maybe he didn’t realize that during a boss fight, I simply can’t focus on it.

This got me thinking – are there other hunters out there that rely too much on their healers?  What about healers who refuse to pay any attention to pets?

What if the two were to collide?!

… Anyway, I’d like to discuss this issue that affects me doubly – under what circumstances should healers heal hunter pets?  I decided that I need to get some input on this issue, since if I’ve learned one thing through PUG-ing, it’s that everyone has different strategies and expectations when it comes to healing.

I e-mailed a few Hunter and Healer bloggers, and they were all kind enough to respond with lengthy discussions on the topic.  All were very insightful, but it seems that we all unanimously agree on what seem to be two basic logical points:

A Hunter should be responsible for their pet.

A Healer should not be completely ignorant of pets.

From a Healer standpoint, pets take the lowest priority.  It is irresponsible of a healer to let a player die while they are trying to save a pet.  However, in my opinion, it is against the principle of being a healer if pets are completely ignored.  Even if it means watching them die as you wait for a chance to toss a Renew on them, it’s imperative that you at least know what is going on and keep them in the back of your mind.  Hunters should understand if you don’t get to heal their pets, but on the other hand – if you are sitting around twiddling your thumbs while the pet is at low health, show the pet some lovin’.  Lassirra of The Hunter’s Mark discovered the same thing as me while leveling up a priest after a hunter: there are more opportunities for this than I had thought there were.

Ego from the Egotistical Priest, told me about how she has a separate group in her raid UI (using XPerl) for pets.  It is less prominent than the regular raid groups, but when she has a couple seconds of free time and mana, she can quickly have a look and give a hunter a hand.

As for hunters, pet management is key here.  Proper pet management means knowing when to toss a mend pet, and when to recall your pet to your side.  It also means not really having to worry about the issue of getting heals from the healer!  If you are keeping good control of him, your pet should not need heals!  Unfortunately, especially when still leveling, some hunter’s haven’t really taken the time to learn how much is too much for their pet, Bremere of Healing Anonymous has had similar problems with hunters in lower level instances.

But there are situations, like when a pet is off- or even main-tanking.  At that point, Mend Pet shows itself for what it truly is, an ersatz Renew.  You wouldn’t expect a tank to survive on just Renew, especially if it’s a cute little kitty-cat?  This is one of those times when the healer priority list needs to be fumbled up.  Yet still, some healers somehow forget to help a hunter out even in this situation, much to Pike’s frustration (Apect of the Hare).

Matticus of World of Matticus brought up an excellent point about PvP.  Since obviously, I’m not a big participant in the arenas, I really hadn’t thought about the value of a pet in that situation.  Those things can be deadly to a caster – and if you can keep them up a little longer, it’ll probably do you some good.

In the end, it depends on a number of factors like group composition, amount of group damage taken, spare time and spare mana.  Hunters should do what they can to take care of their pets – but when its appropriate, heals are always welcome!

I’d like to quote something Jez from DPS: We Deliver said to me:  “It’s kind of like getting a mage table in BGs – you can’t expect it, but it sure is nice when it happens :)”

Thanks to all those who gave me input to help me write this post!