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WTB new PC!

December 12, 2008

After finishing my last exam yesterday, I wanted to spend an entire day just running heroics and getting some new gear and most importantly, practice.  So at 11 AM, we got a group together to run Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle!

It went decently, but I’ll go into more detail about that tomorrow on this week’s edition of This Week in Raiding!

Unfortunately, it seems I’ve been hit with the “ur graphix sux” bug.  My video card is lasting less and less time whenever I log in – I believe it’s overheating.  My game graphics freeze up: it’s like looking at a screenshot.  Only it tortures me by still playing the sounds fine.  I can hear myself getting attacked, but I’ve no way to defend myself.

So with that, it looks like I won’t be playing at all this weekend.  If I can conjure up some transportation, I will probably head out and try to find some upgrades for my hunk-o-junk PC.

In other news,  I spent yesterday catching up on watching some of my lectures before my exam.  And I’ve found that I can quite easily fish and pay attention to the Prof at the same time.

So yesterday was Achievement day!

I started off by finishing of my [Northrend Angler] achievement.  Then I went to the old world, and picked up [The Scavenger] and [The Fishing Diplomat].  Here’s a quick tip on that one if you’re Horde – you can just swim around to where the Stormwind Harbour is and get the achievement without ever passing the gates!  Sneaky!

Then I thought to myself… “Brajana the Salty”. Okay, it doesn’t sound good.  But at least it’s different!  So I ventured off to finish the rest of the required achievements.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of luck involved in those.  I’ve never been able to pick up Mr. Pinchy, and I have no idea how long I’d have to sit in front of that fountain to catch all those coins…

So then I thought to myself… “Chef Brajana”.  Hm.  That sounds better!  And there is a lot less luck involved in those babies.  I finished up the 1st level of [Northerend Gourmet] and in the process, got [Second that Emotion].  With my quondam luck in BC, I already had the rare recipes from the dailies, so that helped with [Outland Gourmet].

Also I did one of the most fun achievements in the game, [Critter Gitter].  Wow.  I love those Critter Bites!

My Eeevil Penguin Army!

My Eeevil Penguin Army!

Anyway, while I was well on my way to finishing off the whole thing for the title, I happened accross an interesting fact on Wowhead.  This title is NOT possible to complete at this time.

Grrr.  4 recipes are missing from the game, and you need to know 3/4 of them to get the final achievement for 45 recipes in Northrend.

I was very disappointed.  But it’s not going to stop me – they’ll fix it someday, and I want to be ready to get it when they do!

All in all, it was a productive Achievement day.  Now if only I could get in the game now to do some REAL playing…