[Veteran of the Wrathgate]

November 28, 2008

They were all right, it IS cool.

The chain is long, and a bit interesting along the way, but when you get to the end and the post-quests, wow.  Pretty neat.

Anyway, as yesterday was my final day of classes, I took the afternoon and evening to start getting caught up on some play time, since I haven’t been on much in the last couple of weeks.  And it was great.  I got almost a level and a half yesterday!  Like I mentioned, I finished off the Wrathgate line, as well as almost all of Dragonblight.  Next stop?  Sholazar Basin!  I can’t wait.  There is not a whole lot of skinning to be had in Dragonblight, and the blood on my [Skinning Knife] is beginning to dry up.  Not cool.

I’ve got my leatherworking up a bit more though, and when I hit 77 I will likely start some leather and elemental farming so I can make some of that pretty Swiftarrow set when I hit 78.  I spent a good couple hours on Wednesday planning out my 78 upgrades, because I realized I didn’t know anything about which factions I needed to focus on or which recipes I needed to buy, but now I can approach my next couple of dings with aplomb.  I make a point to only plan my upgrades on stuff I’m sure I can get, so quest rewards, crafted items or reputation rewards, because I don’t like to depend on drops.  And it looks like Ebon Hold is my first target, with all their shinies at Revered!

Brajana – Level 76 Troll Hunter

  • Skinning: 450
  • Leatherworking: 413
  • First Aid: 400
  • Fishing: 381
  • Cooking: 400


  1. Ebon Hold and Sons of Hodir should be your main targets for their enchants.

  2. Yep, I’ve got them as my first two for their enchants. But especially first is Ebon Hold, because they’ve got a few other upgrades that I’d like to get my hands on!

  3. Don’t overlook Argent Crusade for the Chestpiece and the Boots (I know thy’re leather, but they will serve as nice dps boots for grouping).

    Ebon Hold will get you some serviceable shoulders, and a nice 2 handed sword, that could be an upgrade from the Kalu’ak spear if you have enough hit to cover the loss (those are probably the items you were already looking at there).

    Unlike Rilgon neither of us are engineers,so we will have to look elsewhere for our head-coverin’ needs. Swiftarrow fro LW or a Rep reward from the Oracles (in Sholazar) are probably the best non-drop options for you at this point.

  4. Dual Savage Cobalt Slicers >>>>> Runeblade of Demonstrable Power.

    Of course, I did a write-up of pre-raiding gear over at SES. 😛

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