Achieving the Achievements

November 21, 2008

I realized I haven’t really talked about achievements much yet.  Well, here’s my deal.  I like ’em, but I’ve found I’m not really going out of my way to get them like I thought I would.  I love the little *fa-shwing!* sound and the flash of light they come with, it gives me almost the same feeling that gaining a new level does.  But I have found that going back and running old dungeons I’ve run before, or grinding rep for reputations I don’t need anything from just isn’t as appealing to me as playing an alt or something.

Maybe this will change when I’m done school and have the time to spare to sit around and get [1000 Fish], but for now, I’m just enjoying the ones I get just by happening upon them.  Now that I’m leveling again, I am making sure I get the ones done I can while I’m working my way to 80, like the exploration ones and the loremaster ones, but these achievements are nothing more than an enchancement to the game.  I don’t feel I need to get them, but don’t mind putting in a little extra effort if I’m really close to getting one.

Speaking of achievements, a big congrats to Boostah, for getting [Realm First! Grand Master Skinning] and [Realm First! Level 80 Troll] and Ardena for getting [Realm First! Grand Master Fishing].  Great job 🙂  Boostah was so close to getting the level 80 Hunter one too.  He definitely got the [Guild First!  Level 80] achievement covered.

Brajana – Level 74 Troll Hunter

  • Skinning: 450
  • Leatherworking: 405
  • First Aid: 400
  • Fishing: 381
  • Cooking: 392


  1. I know what you mean – the only achievement I went out of my way for was anything that had a reward, like a title. The rest are kinda…silly. So when I have nothing else to do, I’ll do them.

    Oh and thanks for the link, but what does 1356 mean?

  2. I just got the 3000 quest one a couple of nights ago too (so now I’m :Boostah the Seeker”). I’ve spent soooooooo much time doing tangental things in this game that I was really excited that there would be benchmarks to chart some of the non-linear things we’d accomplished (I still wish it was retroactive beyond the quests though. Lord knows I’ve caught about a bajillion fish and done close to the same number of dalies). Lord knows I went on and on about this in /g chat, with tongue only slightly planted in cheek.

    I knew I wanted to solo quest up to 80, unlike what I did in BC, so the achievements gave a path of sorts to follow on my way there. Still have a TON to work on though 🙂

  3. Sorry about that Nassira, I auto added the link through WordPress and it generated some silly category! It’s properly in it’s huntery place now. 🙂

    Boostah you are a machine!

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