Brajana the Mage?

October 30, 2008

Yes, Gnome Mage, to be precise!

I started this character shortly after the Burning Crusade.  I have a horrible memory, and I’m not sure why I wasn’t leveling my hunter at this time, but I spent the first couple months of BC leveling an alt, and it wasn’t even one of the new races.

Her name was Pixxel, and she had firey red pigtails and burning red eyes.  Fire burned deep down in her tiny soul.  Pyroblasts and Fireballs were all she needed to have a good day.

My hunter was the only other character I’d gotten past about level 20 at this point in my game history, and I’d leveled her completely with another person.  This was my first solo character, and she was a lot of fun!

However, I eventually decided to go back and finish the grind from 60-70 on my Hunter.

Then I found Unemployed.  And I fell in love with the people in my guild.

And then I played Ferguson.  And I fell in love with healing.

And then I met a Dwarf Hunter.  And… well, that was that.

I thought it’d be nice to play on his server with him, and I remembered little Pixxel!  She was sitting pretty at level 45 on Ysondre, untouched for over a year.  So I transferred her over, and renamed her, because I am too used to being called Brajana now.

It was a hectic process, going from being used to playing a class with a shield or a pet-shield, and there was a lot of dying from 45-47 or so while I tried to re-learn how to play and figure out optimal key bindings, but it was worth it!  50-58 has gone so smoothly, I feel like such an agile little mage.  Pyro! Fireball!  Fireblast!  Blast Wave!  Loot!

Anyway, that’s my quick little story of my new (or not-so-new) mage, Brajana.  I’m sure I’ll write about her again as she ventures her way to level 70!


  1. Dark Iron, eh?

    If you see anyone named Myn over there, give me a holler on SES, would you?

  2. Look out for my brother and most of my real life friends. They all play Horde on Dark Iron. And they don’t like gnomes >.>

    (I, for one, love gnomes though!)

  3. /kick self for once again using the old blog address in the website box

  4. I’d probably be keen on Pixell/Brajana myself, but pink pigtails > red pigtails. /crossarms

  5. I’m not a huge fan of the pink myself. Plus the red goes with the whole fire mage thing… I don’t know why type of mage would use pink magic, but certainly not my type of mage! 🙂

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