I’m a rock star!

October 28, 2008

Last night, we killed the new temporary boss in Karazhan. Boostah had run Kara earlier in the week, before the boss was installed, and so he had a raid saved with only the new boss left, no trash or anything.  Woo!   So a bunch of us pilled in, looking to get the new pet and such.

Well, of course he dropped the [Arcanite Ripper]… I hadn’t really looked at it before, but I had heard about the sweet Use ability… turns you into Bergrisst of L70ETC.  It’s actually a really amazing hunter weapon as well.  So Boostah, the ret paly (?) and I rolled on it… Woo!  I won!  I felt a bit bad, since it was Boostah’s raid and he had organized everything… but come on, I have been switching between [Hellscream’s Will] and [Blackened Spear] since shortly after I hit 70, over a year and a half ago.  It is time for me to get rid of my last blue quality item!

Unfortunately, it does bring me 7 below the hit cap.  I will probably have to shove a hit gem somewhere in my gear to make up for it, if I find that 7 hit rating is making a significant difference.  I think that’s only like, 0.05%, so if it means I’ll be missing only that much on raid bosses, I can probably live with it.  If anyone knows the math better (I’m too lazy to look it up) please correct me!

Oh, and the funny thing… back when I was using [Hellscream’s Will] all the time, I always joked about how it looked like an electric guitar strapped to my back, and I always wanted to swing it around and play it… well, now I can!


  1. 7 Hit Rating is somewhere in the neighborhood of .45% Hit chance. 🙂

    And I HATE you! I wasn’t allowed to roll, as it was declared on-the-spot as a main-class weapon for Ret Paladins/DPS Warriors. I’m only gonna have two more shots at it and I’m gonna be really upset if I can’t get one. 😦

  2. Grats 😀

  3. Rilgon: Thanks for the math help. I am lazy. I don’t think I’ll really bother to regem for that little amount, it’s probably not worth sacrificing agi for! Sorry you didn’t get yours… let me know if you do pick it up sometime, hope you do!

    Neggles: Thanks 🙂

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