Rep Grind Time!

October 1, 2008

Alright!  I’m jumping on what seems to be quite the bandwagon.  With not too much to do between now and the expansion, I’m going to take my spare time to work on the factions I don’t have exalted, that are within a reasonable reach. I’ve actually always liked doing rep grinds, I guess it’s the same part of me that enjoys fishing in game.  It’s relaxing and still productive – like playing Solitaire but with eventual rewards!

There aren’t very many, but here’s a list of the factions I’ve already got to exalted:

  • The Aldor
  • Cenarion Expedition
  • Frostwolf Clan
  • The Mag’har
  • Netherwing
  • The Sha’tar
  • Shattered Sun Offensive
  • The Violet Eye

Currently at Revered:

  • The Consortium
  • Darkspear Trolls
  • Keepers of Time
  • Lower City
  • Orgrimmar
  • Ogri’la
  • Thrallmar
So that’s where I stand.  I’d really like to get all the Outland instance related reps to exalted, but that would mean I’d probably need to find some groups.  So while I’m not running those instances, I can work on Consortium, and start doing my Ogri’la dailies again.  I’ll try to do some of the Skyguard ones while I’m there, but I really hate the Skettis ones, so I doubt I’ll make it to exalted with them.  I’m only about 3/4 through Honored.  Once I finish those off, I will head back to the old world and work on those reputations.  So here’s a summary of what I’m going to do:
  • Keepers of Time, Lower City, Thrallmar: Run Heroics, or maybe try to solo some regular stuff in Shattered Halls.
  • Ogri’la: Dailies.  Should only take about 11 days to finish it up, doing all the dailies each day.
  • Consortium: Going to grind the Ethereals in the Heap.  810 insignias to go!
  • Argent Dawn: Run Stat or Scholo a bunch of times… this’ll take a while, I’m only Friendly!
  • Horde Factions:  Hopefully I’ll get decent Runecloth from Strat that I can turn in, then I can go back and do some of the starting area quest I’ve never done, with Silvermoon and Undercity and such.
  • Timermaw Hold: I’m only Neutral.   Gonna have to kill a lot of stuff to make that difference up… yikes.  Chances are I won’t have time to work on this faction… but I’ll keep it in the list just in case.

If anyone has any advice for these reputations, let me know! 🙂  Anything that will make it go a bit faster will be appreciated.


  1. Okay Braj, here goes:

    Timbermaw Hold: Save the feathers you get from kills until you have 700 saved. Do NOT turn any in prior to this. Once you have 700 saved go ahead and start turning them in for extra rep. The reason? Once you hit Revered there is no rep from kills, and that 700 will take you right to Exalted. Save all the runecloth (you will get TONS) for Horde reps.

    Horde Factions: Make sure you’ve gone back and done ALL the quests. Hunt around for hidden ones you found on other toons, repeatbles (Chen’s Empty Keg for example). Do all those, then save the runecloth from the other grinds. It should be more than enough to get you over the top.

    Argent Dawn: Doesn’t take too long to solo undead Strat, so that’s not a bad choice. Also remember the field quests. The field closest to EPL is a good place to grind for stones, and the repop rate is perfect for solo clearing (save the runecloth!). You can solo the 45 min Baron run at lvl 70, so try to get that quest line going (assuming you haven’t done it yet).

    Cenarion Circle: Fairly easy, lots of quests in Silithus, and the rep reward from turning in pages is 500 per turn in so its a fairly quick grind. Save your runecloth.

    Ogri’la / Shatari Skuyguard: A couple of the Ogri’la quests give you Shatari Skyguard rep as well, so this and Skettis makes it a fairly easy grind with the daily quests.

    Outland Factions: Don’t forget that if you have keys to Etherial prisons you can occasionally get rep from the main Outland factions by freeing prisoners fron the factions. Its random, so you may not get what you’re looking for, but if you have the keys you can try that too.

    Consortium: Speaking of Ethereals, by doing the daily heroic quest (I know, it means grouping) you get Consortium + whatever faction the heroic dungeon falls under. Woth tanking a look to see if its one ya needs.

    Sporeggar: Just take your Druid alt and do stealth runs of Underbog for the Sanguine Hibiscus! Oh wait, you don’t have one of those. Well, you could always pay someone with a druid alt. Hmm, I wonder who has one of those … (there are other repeatable quests too. Not a horrible grind to get this one up).

    If I think of anything more I’ll add them.

  2. I had read somewhere at some point that “gray” quest givers will (in 3.0.2) show up on your mini map like “green”+ ones do now. Is that still true? I’ve been taking my hunter around the starting zones of other races trying to scrounge up some easy capital rep. But I’m sure I’m missing lots.

  3. As of right now they will be implementing the tracking for low level quests (the grey ones you mention). That will make getting every quest done much easier (but will take away a little of the “exploration” aspect of the game).

  4. For the Timbermaw Hold rep. you can do a quest for the Wintersaber Trainers (in Winterspring) which will grant you rep. for that faction and upon exhalted you can buy Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber.

    The quest is called “Winterfall Intrusion” and requires you to kill 5 Winterfall Shaman and 5 Winterfall Ursa (they cna be found close to Everlook). Killing those gives you rep. for the Timbermaw Hold and they drop Spirit Beads, which you can turn in for rep. with the Timbermaw Hold (after completion of the quest “Winterfall Activity”, which you might have done already).

  5. Thanks for all the great advice Boostah! 🙂 I’ve started to go back and do all the starting quests in the areas I didn’t do them in, and then I’ll explore around looking for quests I didn’t do or that I skipped. It’s been like 3 years since I leveled Brajana up, so I can’t really remember which ones I did and didn’t do 🙂 However, I’m pretty sure I did do most of the EPL and WPL quests. There might be a couple left in Light’s Hope, I’ll have to check that out!

    I’ll take the Sha’tari Skyguard rep I get from doing Ogri’la, but I really do hate Skettis. I’ve never been able to do a full set of dailies there without giving up and going home. 😛

    I also forgot about the Prison keys for Consortium! I’ll have to figure out what I should do with those.

    Having little ! over these questgivers heads would be user helpful, but at least they have it when I mouse over them, which is close enough.

    Cabo – Unfortunately, that quest and the Wintersaber Trainers are Alliance Only. I would love a pretty Frostsaber, but for some silly reason, they won’t let us Horde get one!

  6. Nice. I have been doing the reputation grind myself recently (I do enjoy it in some twisted way). I hit exalted with Argent Dawn just recently and today did a write up of how I did it. While you can certainly run strat/scholo over and over again I preferred to focus on the repeatable field quests and hand-ins. It really wasn’t that bad and went quickly.


    My next target is Timbermaw Hold, but that just gives me headache when I calculate how many feathers/necklaces I have to gather and so I keep putting it off.

    Good luck. 🙂

  7. I keep kicking myself… on those rare occasions I get some spare WoW time, I go grin timbermaw’s, or cenarion’s or alliance rep… you would think I hated myself…

    Thanks for all the insights… I dare say I am working in the same direction, but reading about it takes the sting away from doing it…

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