This Week in Raiding… Unemployed downs A’lar!

September 13, 2008

Well, it was obvious on Tuesday that Unemployed has a bit of a focus problem.  We were in SSC, hoping to take down Lurker, Leo and get a few attempts in at Vashj.  Even though we got through the trash pretty fast and efficiently, we still wiped once on Lurker and once on Leo.  Everyone in the group had seen both bosses before, and we’ve taken Lurker down countless times now.  We shouldn’t be wiping on him like that anymore… not cool.  These two bosses should be on farm for us, and we should be able to get through them quickly without having to stop for anything… it also doesn’t help when we get a string of AFKs right before a boss pull while buffs are ticking.  I mean, I completely understand unavoidable AFKs, but just because someone has to go AFK for a minute doesn’t give everyone else the excuse to go brew a cup of coffee or take a shower or whatnot.  Just sit and wait.  Anyway, while we did get Lurker and Leo down, it was a slightly disappointing night, since it took us so long, and we didn’t get to pay Vashj a visit!  There was some serious discussion about how our raid has some focus problems, and how things have to change.

Wednesday Night we ventured into Tempest Keep: The Eye, and we had the hopeful goal of getting A’lar down first.  Now, it’s been months since we’ve been able to get A’lar down… we have been changing tanks constantly and that’s made it a bit difficult.  But this time – all went well (on the second try).  If was a pretty good night, we managed to get down Void Reaver and Solarian too – it’s not often we are able to get 3 T5 bosses down in one night!  Maybe the problems from Tuesday and the discussion about raid focus did have an impact.

I wasn’t in the raid on Thursday, but it was Mount Hyjal.  I’m so jealous that I didn’t get to go, I need less than 2000 rep with Scale of the Sands to get the nice shiny new arrows… and now I’ll have to wait!  But they managed to get Rage down in one shot, and got three attempts in on Anetheron.

All I have to say about Friday Night is that it was a full Kara clear.  Again, I wasn’t there… but it’s been a while since the guild has had the focus to make a full clear in one night.  Good job!

Unfortunately, it was another week with only feckless loot drops.  Well, as far as hunters are concerned, at least.  I’m sure someone got something they could use.


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