Why I Love Ottawa

September 4, 2008

Okay, this post isn’t exactly about WoW.  But I went for a really nice bike ride yesterday, and I just wanted to share a couple pictures I took.  Keep in mind – I don’t live on the outskirts of Ottawa, I live pretty close to the middle.  One neat feature is the Central Experimental farm.  It’s about 4 square kilometers of farm land in the middle of the city.  I am lucky enough to live just up the street from it, so in the month or so that we aren’t all couped up in our igloos, I get to bike through it every day on my way to and from work.

When I was biking today, I noticed the name of the farm road that I bike down, not sure how I never noticed it before.  It’s called “Cow Lane”.

And who are the only residents of cow lane?

There’s also the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, a man-made canal, and the famous longest skating rink in the winter months.  It is beautiful in all seasons though, and has some great bike paths along each side.

Anyway… I just thought I’d share those with you.  And I apologize for the peccadillo of leaving the timestamp in the pictures, it wasn’t my camera and I didn’t realize they were being saved like that!

I’ll have a real WoW post tomorrow… I promise!



  1. Holy cow, that’s beautiful countryside. Did you take those yourself? They’re marvelous photographs!

    Now my photography skills seem inadequate, too. 😦

    /blueberry tears

  2. The canal is (or at least was for me) fun to row on in the fall months.

    I needs to move out of Toronto.

  3. Rilgon:

    Beautiful countryside right in the middle of the city 🙂

    Yeah, I took them, although I wish I would have realized that the timestamps had been turned on, those are annoying.


    Toronto sucks.

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