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This Week in Raiding… Karathress and Cronies eat some floor!

August 23, 2008

Monday and Friday were both Zul’Aman raids.  There was a little drama regarding Monday, since not enough people had signed up, and no one wanted to volunteer to fill them empty spots (including me, Monday is my night off to gather supplies).  And there was a LOT of drama on Friday night, when the raid group (again, I was online but not raiding) was having problems downing Bear, and decided to go to Karazhan instead, pretty much ruining our scheduled Monday night raid for next week.  But I don’t want to get into that here and now.

We hit up SSC on Tuesday night.  Lurker went down with few problems, as usualy.  We decided to make our way to Leo the Blind, of course passing Hydross on the way as he taunted me with his chest piece, shoulders and ring that I so desperately need.  Last time we took a visit to Leo, it was kind of messy.  I was hoping we wouldn’t encounter the same problem this time – and we didn’t!  The problem with stopping DPS was complete history.  But we had a different problem.  The Leo fight was pretty smooth for the first 85% of the fight.  But every time we reached the 15% split, something happened.  We panicked.  People were running this way and that, getting hit with whirlwinds, everything was a big ugly mess.  We made a number of attempts, but it wasn’t going to happen.  At least last week, we managed to down him eventually.

Back to Tempest Keep on Wednesday.  I must admit, I almost dreaded going in there… I’m so tired of wiping on A’lar.  It’s getting very tiring.  But when we got to the big bird’s room, we just went right past.  And Brajana let out a sigh of relief.  Void Reaver and Solarian!  That sounds at least different, if not better.  I think I’ve only done Solarian a couple of times, and it’s been many many months since then.  But I figured it’d be nice to see her again so I can thank her for the boots!

We had a strange composition for Void Reaver, only two and a half (off tank druid in cat form) melee DPS in our entire raid.  Heck, that’s a strange composition for ANY encounter.  But we made it through after one unfortunate wipe caused by aggro pull by a ranged DPS.  He dropped lots of pants, and many people were excited, and we moved on to Solarian.  And I’ve decided that I love the Solarian fight.  It has some quiddity that makes me very excited to be in that room – I’ll have to narrow it down further.  In fact, I think I will dedicate an entire post just to that fight next week!

THURSDAY NIGHT! What an amazing raid night!  We went back to SSC to do what we had not done on Tuesday, take Leo down.  And we did!  Even though one of our mages was having serious connection problems, we took him down in one attempt.  And I got a shiny trinket!

We still had lots of time to spare though, so on to Karathress we ventured!  Karathress was the only one keeping us from being 5/6 and 3/4.  /glare.

We’d had a few sad attempts there in the past, but we were really gunning for it this time.  First attempt:  just over 1 minute and one of our tanks goes down.  Second attempt:  The same thing.  Uh oh, this is looking like a wipe-fest 😦  So we juggled the healers around a bit before the third attempt.  And then… BOOM!  Karathress and his henchmen are no more!  Screenshot!

But wait!  There’s more!  Unbeknownst to most of the guild, it was decided that since we were already done so early, we were going to take a little field trip to Mount Hyjal!

It was SOOO much fun!!  It’s really exciting to just have wave after wave coming, and even though we only made it to the 8th wave, we had a blast – I can’t wait to go back in!