My new friend!

August 18, 2008

Meet Sparkle:

She is my new pet.  I’ve never had a wind serpent before, but I’d heard great things about them… so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Took me a while to chose which skin to get, I do like the quiddity of the rare wind serpent from Feralas, but I am just too darn lazy to level something up that far.  I decided to go with this bluish one to match my troll,  Brajana’s skin is about the same colour, although you can’t tell because of the bucket on her head.

I tamed Sparkle in Netherstorm, and she’s level 69.  I took her out to the Bone Wastes to try her out while farming up some Netherweb Spider Silk, and so far, so good!  True enough, the mobs I was fighting are only level 64-65, but she was doing a pretty good job of killing them quickly and keeping them off of me, even without having the highest rank of Growl or any other trainable abilities.

Gonna have to figure out where to shove Lightning Breath into my macro though, I hear that is a good idea!

Oh, and one strange thing:  When I went to my stable to release Yoshii, my level 30-something raptor who was part of my Mario costume from last Halloween… he wasn’t there.  I had an empty stable slot.  I don’t remember releasing him, but I also know that if you never feed a pet, they can up and leave.  Can they do that from inside the stable?  I don’t think I EVER fed him.  Not once.  Anyone know if that’s possible?  Maybe Yoshii is back in Stranglethorn with his buddies.



  1. Yaaay Windserpents!

    Can’t tell you where to put Lightning Breath into your macro since I do not use shot rotation macros– however I believe Drotara has some good macros at his site, some of which involve Lightning Breath: http://www.qqpewpew.com/2008/04/shot-rotation-macros.html

  2. Awesome.. I just trained the white serpent from Feralas myself. Now I’m leveling that lovely pet… chore!


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