Unemployed Does Onyxia!

August 12, 2008

Okay, so we are a couple years late to this one.  So what?  We had a blast anyway!

A group of us spent the afternoon finish up our attunements, which we had 3 weeks to do, but didn’t get a chance to get together until the day of.  The funniest part is that our attunement took us about 4-5 hours of running Upper Black Rock Spire and flying from this quest giver to that one… but the actual raid only took us about 30 minutes!

Eight enter the cave...

Eight enter the cave...

But both parts were a lot of fun.  Teiya, Guinesa, Pilsner, Boostah and myself did the attunement run… which would have been SO much easier if we had a mage for ports!  But we took advantage of our Hearthstones whenever we could (at least 3 times, since all of this took so much time).

"Pew pew!" says the space chicken!

"Pew pew!" says the space chicken!

All of this attunement got me thinking about how much I appreciate the simplicity (in comparison) of the Burning Crusade attunements.  Yes, I know they are extra simple now that they don’t exist – but even when they did, they were nothing like this one giant chain for such a short raid.

Anyway, we were almost 2 hours late getting started on the raid, but we had a good number of people who were around… a special thanks to Aeriola and Tigerfeet for being on the ball and getting their attunements ahead of time!



We had 8 people present – Tigerfeet, Aeriola, Boostah (as his Warrior), Magazid, Teiya, Pilsner, Guinesa and myself.  It was a pretty good breakdown, considering it was just everyone we could pull together!  Couple of healers, a tank and an off tank/melee dps and some ranged.

When we did get her down – which took us a little less time than we generally get Gruul down, I’d say – she dropped a butt-load of stuff.  I’m not even going to list it all.  But the most important one… 20g each!  Man, why aren’t people farming Onyxia more often!?

Onyxia buff, courtesy of Unemployed!

Onyxia buff, courtesy of Unemployed!

I never got to raid Onyxia back in the old days, but I can barely imagine having 40 people in there working on her.  I’m so glad they did away with the 40-man concept! I went to a couple, but they were such a hugger-mugger that I just couldn’t do it!


  1. In a way I miss forty-man raiding. While it was a veritable pain to organize and that the idea of raiding with a core group of twenty-five people while the rest AFK-autoattacked is true, it really made fights feel a hell of a lot more epic. Plus there was always a damned good explanation as to why you were fighting those bosses. The quests helped set up that reasoning, usually going into a huge complicated chain that showed why that end-boss was a horrible mean, ummm, thing that needed to die.

    There’s very little of that in The Burning Crusade. We fight in Karazhan because of what? Gruul needs to be smashed why? Magtheridon is chained in his cave, though there is the fact that the fel orcs are draining his blood that is a bit of a concern. There’s absolutely no reason that we enter Hyjal Summit — though that actually feels really epic.

    I don’t know. I still love the game and maybe it’s nostalgia kicking in, but I miss those days, too.

  2. I am sure it feels different when you are someone who was really into raiding. I wasn’t, I did a few 20 and 40 man raids that were pulled together between my guild and another, and they just took too long to get set up. I remember spending 2 hours from the time we were supposed to start until we were actually pulling, because everyone was taking so long to get ready. I’m sure it wasn’t quite that bad with guilds who knew what they were doing, but it was not a nice taste of the raiding scene for me!

    The lore is interesting, that’s true… and I suppose that’s something that is a bit missing in some of the Burning Crusade raids, but I’m not a lore nut, so it never really bothered me 🙂

  3. The lore reasons for the BC entry level raids was more apparent when you had to do the attunements for the larger dungeons in order to enter them.

    Q: Why are we doing Kara, Gruul, and Mag?
    A: To get attuned for The Eye and Serpentshrine.

    Q: Why are we doing The Eye and Serpentshrine?
    A: To get attuned for Mt. Hyjal.

    Q: Why are we doing Mt. Hyjal?
    A: To finish off Your Black Temple attunement.

    Q: Why are we doing Black Temple?
    A: To kill Illidan! He is evil!

    Its basically one long lore chain in BC. There are story elements for each part, and the main exposition for them was in the quests that you did to gain the attunements. The whole attunement chain was basically a story told through the attunement quests.

    So removing the attunements means that a large portion of players won’t fully experience those storylines.

  4. Ahaha… Boostah, that was excellent 🙂 Thank you for the explanation!

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