The Ghost of Patches Present (Burning Crusade)

August 11, 2008

The game received almost a whole overhaul in preparation for the Burning Crusade expansion.  There were several major changes to the game – most of them good.  In fact, it was when Patch 2.0.1 came out that I gained a new look at the game, and became much more serious about it than I had before.  This time, I’ve bunched together the patches in their major sections, there weren’t enough changes to break them down further.

Patch 2.0.x

Looking For Group Tool – FINALLY!  No more meeting stones.  This has a similar idea, except instead of letting the game pick your group members, you can pick yourself.  Also, you can join the Looking For Group system from anywhere.  This is by far their most successful attempt at this group planning idea, and it’s working pretty well.

Meeting Stones = Summoning Stones – What a good idea.  Blizzard is SO on the ball with this one.

Arenas – 2v2 and 3v3 are released, and change the game completely for many players.

Traps can be set while in combat, but require a 2 second arming time. This change affects so much of the game for hunters nowadays.  Sure, before you could get away with feigning and then trapping, but it didn’t always work out.  This mechanic made me take a new look at the traps, which I’d pretty much decided were useless before.

“Auto shot” will be automatically enabled if the Hunter steps out of melee range while in combat with target. This just made sense.  And I really do appreciate it.  It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it just makes combat much smoother.

Skill level now determines what items you can disenchant. And so, my level 5 disenchanting bank alt retires from his career.

All pet attack speeds have been normalized to 2.0. This was a big one for me.  I spent HOURS camping out to get Broken Tooth, a rare cat with a ridiculous 1.0 attack speed.  Now, he was just a cat.  /sadface.

Patch 2.1.x

Replaced the current Mend Pet channel spell with an instant cast heal over time. Mmmm. I love this change.  Not sure why they brought it in, but it is wonderful!  They also improved the “Improved Mend Pet” talent to also reduce the cost of Mend Pet, which made it a much more worthy place to stick some points.

Warlock and Hunter pets will now be automatically dismissed when you summon a mount. This was to fix the problem where your pet would keep running along the ground as you fly overhead.  It was a pretty funny thing, people had to make a habit of flying straight up until their pet was dismissed.  I thought this was extra cool for Night Elf hunters that had cat pets that are identical to their mounts, looked like they were hoping on their pets!  (Yes, I said “cool” and “Night Elf hunters” in the same sentence.)

The fishing timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.  The fishing timer can no longer run through its duration without a fish biting. It’s a little change, but an important one for fishers.  When I heard this change was coming, I stopped fishing and waited until the change came to finish leveling my fishing.

Patch 2.2.x

Voice Chat! Hrm, I forgot that this is still somewhere in the game.  I feel bad for the developer who was tasked with this, it suchs to make something and it NEVER be used.  This may have worked, but it was about 2 years too late to really catch on.

Brewfest! This was soo much fun for me.  I love the holiday events, but this one had really sweet rewards that were reasonably achievable for me. The Ram has always been one of my favourite mounts, unfortunately Trolls generally aren’t allowed to buy one.

*runs around on her Brewfest Ram with her Wolpertinger out*

Aaand Hallow’s End!  Also a great event.  Despite the whining of some people that it wasn’t fair for people to be able to hop in and get a nice epic ring, I thought it was a nice gesture.  It’s not like everytime you downed him he dropped full T4.  I used my pumpkin ring until just recently when I finally picked up Angelista’s Revenge.

New Graveyards – A nice (albeit late) feature to help with the grind to 60.  Also, I found this a fitting tie-in with the Hallow’s End event.

Patch 2.3.x

Zul’Aman – I always loved Troll instances and raids.  Maybe because of the lore and how I’m a troll and these are my enemies, maybe it was the creative ideas for the bosses and the fun scenery… maybe I just like that I can mount up when inside.

Guild Banks – Pretty exciting.  I know some people boycotted the idea, because it can be a bit pricey – but I think it is totally worth it.  It’s great being able to see what is available and to use the tabs to categorize things.  Unfortunately, Bagnon doesn’t incorporate the guild bank, and that makes me very sad 😦  Anyone know a mod similar to Bagnon that also includes Guild Banks?

Dustwallow & Leveling Improvements – I just went to Mudsprocket for the first time yesterday.  But from what I’ve heard, the quest are fun and handy to have.  I do appreciate the leveling improvements.  It’s noticable that you can level faster, but you can’t skip enough to not know how to play when you get to 60.

Patch 2.4.x

Shattered Sun Offensive – New zone and 25-man raid… probably the largest content patch ever.  The addition of these dailies has helped a lot of people get the money to afford shiny things without having to resort to gold-buying.  It’s also got some great rewards, like the necklace and the bow that I’m using.  I always like progressive dynamic content, so it was really fun to be helping out and seeing things change with time.

Track spells will now persist after death. Yay!  One of my favourite things about being a Hunter was that my self-buffs never faded.  Yet still, I’d forget to turn tracking back on after death.  Now all they need to do is make Aspects persist and I’ll be set!

Aspect of the Viper: This ability now grants an additional amount of mana each 5 seconds equal to 35% of the hunter’s level. I love Aspect of the Viper after the additional buffs it has gotten in recent patches.  Now, if I get to 15% mana and I switch over to AotV, it is nearly impossible for me to run out of mana.

Mounts at 30?! Yes, crazy but true.  This was a bit of a hugger-mugger change, because no one really saw it coming.  I heard a rumour or two, but it was such a big thing that it didn’t believe it until the patch was released.  But I approve of anything to help people get through those tough levels!  I know 30-40 always killed me.

Well, that brings us up to date on the patches.  I may have missed some big changes – but I only really covered the ones that I had any contact with.



  1. I know you’re right on the money with the voice-chat thing, it was too little, too late to do any good. Other than FPS games, the first game I’ve seen with a voice chat was DDO, and it’s been there since the beginning, I remember putsing around in dungeons with PuGs and everybody always used it.

    You should’ve seen me when I hopped on my hunter for the first time and cast Mend Pet for the first time… I thought it was broken! I’d cast it, expect to channel… no channel, cast again, nothing, again, again again… I must’ve cast that sucker eight or nine times before I realised it was just a regular HoT now! How spiffy! No need to sacrafice my dps to keep my pet alive!

  2. I started playing about a month before Patch 2.2 kicked in. I barely remember that Mend Pet was a channeling spell. For most of my playing time, it’s always been a HoT.

  3. I think I must’ve started playing right about the same time as Patch 2.1 because I don’t remember Mend Pet ever being channeled for me– but I DEFINITELY remember the big commotion over 2.2! I was even blogging by then. =P

  4. I started playing a bit before patch 1.12, and oh joy, the buffs to hunters we got since ^^

    Traps in combat, yes please =)

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