“Oh gosh.”

August 1, 2008

Due to a recent influx of these moments for me (and apparently other members of my raid as well), and also my lack of ideas for a post today… I would like to share some of my silly little mistake moments I’ve made that may or may not have cause the a raid/party to wipe.  This is kind of an ersatz version of my  “10 Hunter Lessons It Took Me Way Too Long To Learn” post, except there are really no lessons to be learned here.

“Oh gosh, that’s my auto-run key, not my auto-shot key.” This was yesterday in Serpentshrine Cavern.  Second pull of the run, and if you don’t know that instance, well, you start on a bridge above water that is both scalding and full of hungry fishes.  Well, without going too detailed into my key bindings – for some reason, WoW considers that pressing my mouse wheel button (which is my auto-run) is equivalent to pressing “Ctrl+Mouse wheel up”.  I don’t know why.  Since I bound my Steady/Auto macro to scrolling my mouse wheel (I think I’m getting a blister, by the way), if I try to multi-task and set my focus (Ctrl+5) while still scrolling my mouse wheel, it turns on my auto-run.

At least the fishes are a little less hungry today.

“Oh gosh, the pat is RIGHT there.” Tuesday, Tempest Keep: The Eye.  Since we have an abundance of excellent Hunters in my guild, I have been pretty good at avoiding misdirect duty.  Well, apparently I was being giving my chance to practice… and apparently I needed it.  First pull into Void Reaver’s room, I’m supposed to misdirect the stationary group to the tank when the patrol has passed.  No problem!  Well, little did I know that the Patrol doesn’t have a symmetric path in this very symmetrical room.  No, he goes ALL the way to the left side of the room, comes to the middle and then goes about 6 steps to the right side before he turns around and heads back.  But it was too late, I’d already started shooting… and down we went.

“Oh gosh, she found my mount button.” Okay, this wasn’t really me.  It was Zelda – my cat.  Still, an unfortunate little mess, and I suppose it was my own fault for binding my mount to a big key like the “+” on the number pad!  Anyway… I was flying up high in the air in Nagrand, and Zelda decided it was an appropriate time to take a short walk across my keyboard.  There is nothing like watching your character plummet to her death, knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it.

“Oh gosh, I’m still wearing my Riding Crop.” <- This one happens at least once every instance.  Especially in The Eye, where I always enjoy flying directly into the entrance and never remember to switch it up.  I am greeted kindly by the “I can’t do that right now.” message when I try to pop my Bloodlust Brooch.  I should make a habit of trying to pop the trinket before I enter combat, so if it’s not equipped, it will be… then again, I could just make a habit of remembering to switch my trinket.  I really do need a big warning to come up on my screen anytime I am wearing my Riding Crop AND not mounted.  I’m probably wearing my Riding Crop right now.  Go, check my Armoury.  I bet it’s there.  In fact, check Ferguson too.  Bet there’s a carrot in slot 13.

“Oh gosh, I still have Aspect of the Pack on.” Pretty sure this was in Karazhan.  After a wipe, I’d been kind enough to use Aspect of the Pack to help us get back to our place quickly.  But I didn’t turn it off, and we continued to fight all the way to the next boss.  Luckily, I managed to be the first to notice, even though it took me a reeeally long time.  Maybe someone did notice, and they were just being polite to the noob hunter.

“Oh gosh, those snakes do not look like they’ll freeze my mob in place.” Heroic Shattered Halls.  I’d been doing some PvP and playing around with my pretty snake trap.  I don’t get to use it very often, so I enjoy it when I can.  I’d placed it where my Freezing Trap usually is, so it’d be more accessible.  So, I’d put a snake trap down and pulled my assigned trap mob onto it.  How did I not noticed that my trap had a little green flame instead of a blue one?  That is an EXCELLENT question.

“Oh gosh, Shadow Word:Death really ISN’T the same as Power Word: Shield.” I guess there IS a lesson to be learned from this post:  I need to work on my key binding set up.



  1. “Oh gosh, I’m hitting a warrior with my fishing rod … I wonder if thats why wing clip isn’t working?”

    lol great post! ^_^

  2. “Why isn’t my clearcasting proccing? Oh wait… I forgot to cast Omen of Clarity…. AGAIN”

    /wipe tear

    I lol’d, a lot :3

  3. I liked the “oh gosh” XD cause that’s how I talk. Imagine “Oh heck we’re wiping” over Vent. Yeeeeeeeah.

  4. That’s a good one, Lactic – I have done that more than a few times myself 🙂

    Pike – Me too 😛 Had someone comment on it over vent when “Oh gosh, the pat is RIGHT there.” happened, which is sort of what made me go with it as the title of this post! 🙂

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