Making the switch from Shadow to Holy

July 19, 2008

I know this blog says it is about a Holy Priest and a BM Hunter, but to be honest, my priest is actually considered Shadow right now… He’s level 65, and I leveled from 1 to 60 without doing any instances (other than generous runs by other people) and never actually being a healer… I was shadow all the way, with just enough points in discipline to get me some extra wand pew pew.  However, the whole reason I rolled a priest was to be a healer!  It was just so much easier to play shadow leveling up, that I neglected my holy duties until I hit Hellfire.

And then it was time… time to see if healing really was for me.  As I played my Hunter, I’d BEEN healed plenty of times, which was always a pleasant experience.  I’d even cast some renews on myself occassionally, but I’d never had to watch a tank, know whether to use Greater Heal or Flash Heal… all those sparkly yellowish ability icons all looked the same to me!

And I made a mistake… I jumped right in, thinking “I can level as a Disc/Holy priest, right?  They have Holy Fire and Smite!”  This is not true, at least not for me.  I couldn’t kill ANYTHING.  Either Outlands was way harder than I remembered it being, or holy/disc is not the way to quest.  So I figure, I’m left with a choice:  Go shadow and don’t try being a healer til I hit 70, or be holy and ONLY do instances.  Hrm.  Neither of those sounded much fun… so I compromised.

I went Shadow/Holy!  I was, and still am, a noob priest.  But this seems to be working for me.  I went as deep into Shadow as I had to so I could get Shadowform… and then everything else gets poured into Holy and Discipline.  This is about what it’s looking like I’ll end up with by 70 (although I won’t keep it at 70 for long): 12/18/31

So far, it’s been going well.  I am not having a problem with my healing numbers, and I am also not having any problems finishing my quests.  I have luckily learned that I do, in fact, love healing… and seem to be doing it pretty well in my instance runs, even though I’m still learning lots and lots every time.  Although it does feel a bit like “Whack-a-mole” sometimes, it is fun!

I look forward to hitting 70 and going full out Holy and see what it’s like to be a REAL healer!


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